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  1. Because we would prefer it if spoilers were not posted on the public forums for the time being. People who do not want to have spoilers posted may click on links without thinking or out of curiosity and have things spoiled for them, and in general, we will release information that we want posted publicly as we deem it appropriate. For the time being, feel free to chat with your friends about it, or speak about it with others in private, but do not post spoilers in the public forums for now, thanks!
  2. Servant's Quarters is up now. For the record, I'll be putting up a guide on NM Endless Spires with the Pre-Sharken nerf build (I'm still doing all of this pre-Sharken nerf, by the way. With the nerf they're not even worth discussing.) New people entering the game should have little in the way of problems if they just play around a little-- ignoring that getting into NM is a broken process in the first place, the content once you're in NM is trivial campaign-wise and even into low survival (up to wave 15)
  3. Summit build is up now -- I did it just for the challenge, took about 6 revisions, but I beat the boss and everything with it. Feel free to modify and revise as needed. http://ddplanner.com/?l=3792,summit-layout-nightmare-post-sharken-campaign
  4. I'm actually fairly sad that they're nerfing them now. I would've liked to have seen your NMHC Summit build with Sharken. No amount of Magic Missiles and Magic Barricades would have saved that in their current state. I'll try to make sure not to patch so that I can get this far and make a build for you.
  5. NM Beginners should not have 150 stats-- you need to use gimicks (such as farming wave 1 of Endless Spires) to get your stats up to respectable amounts.
  6. Feel free to mix it up a little bit, but I had 0 problems killing the spiders because of their reduced numbers due to Sharken spawns and that even at the last wave only 12 spawn in places where they're not killed by towers/auras, and they spawn 3/4 at a time. Also, this is only to cover campaign. I'll worry about Survival when I have proper builds for them.
  7. Alright ladies and Gentlemen, we've had the Sharken for sum total an hour or so, and I love them! They've made me go back and re-think my defenses, and more importantly, mesh combinations of defenses into a solid block. Without further to do: Nightmare Deeper Well: http://ddplanner.com/?l=3776,nightmare-campaign-deeper-wells-post-sharken Please read the comments on the page there. I'll be making one for each map :) Nightmare Foundries: http://ddplanner.com/?l=3783,nightmare-foundries-post-sharken-campaign Again, read the comments there. This map was easier than Deeper Well and cou
  8. It's interesting, so I'll address some of your points-- I've not been working on this because of a corrupted save, so I'm trying to decide if I should do another with a Squire just for the sake of it or not. First off, I may indeed have been quite lucky with drops early on. I don't know, because it's my first time doing it and really paying attention. I did have some of those "side stats" that really do make the difference early on because of the size of scaling per point. Second, thank you for making modifications to my work-- I may add those in as suggested alternate strategies, but more
  9. You can see, likewise, a way to do this with the Apprentice in my guide-- I found it to be the only way to progress past the Hard/Insane barrier. I've been doing a lot of work on figuring out where to go after reaching Alchemy Labs on NM, so the last day or two has been tons and tons of testing a lot of different things. Should be resuming the guide shortly.
  10. What do you mean by this? Nightmare UMF is very beatable with campaign gear and in general, the rewards are actually worse or at best equal to what you would find in nightmare campaign MM or Moraggo. Even with the new hardcore option, the loot that drops is pretty poor and very similar to Moraggo campaign. Insane UMF on the other hand had better rewards than campaign maps from what I remember and eventually dropped mythical loot. I will come back to this in the future, because I only have anecdotal refutiations to your claim; I recall, when I was playing, that gear I got from Endless Spi
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