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  1. I cant but to agree. Difference between misty then and misty now is gloriously big. And yet no better gear there ? That is logicaly wrong. Also i have never seen anyone from trendy to go out with their thoughts on progression. They are really watching forums reading and responding, but i never seen trendy opinion on progression. That is sad.
  2. ok i did magus quaters till wave 25 ...what now ? o_O i cant do survival of misty cuz i cant beat boss
  3. ok guys how do you beat UMF ? i have builders with stats around 1k/1,2k/600/600.(series EV,Sumonner,Countess,Trap) and cant beat wave 1 with goblin copters around ... any advice? build?
  4. I was thinking about coming back to dundef once more. I stopped playing before summoner was realeased and i need to get back into game, but somehow i have no idea what to do. I have only one decent set for builder 1000/1200/700/500. Also i have low stat monk and series EV(also barb and hunter but their sets sucks) I need to improve but i havent found a map to play now. Every advice welcomed Thanks Skylard
  5. i dont know but i dont think sharken is "game breaking" foe ... im building just fine and if i fail is more likely about bigger spider groups in the end of wave
  6. well its little disappointing they give only regular stats ..trendy could come with something more original then xx tower DMG ...
  7. so nobody figured out where to get them ? i saw someone posting about how he looks in his new earrings..im wondering if they arent challanges reward(at least some of it) after 1NM ES and 2 insane Glitters i have nothing o_O dat droprate
  8. well everytime i met sharks i just slowed them to 19% ..they are countered by that...but im not sure if turets focus them because they should be 1st to focus since they can screw you defences....
  9. Im still curious on what color they are on map. I know they dont despawn like eggs, so I wanna know what I'm looking for. well i quess they shoudl be green by now ..as you dont have any accesory in slot now
  10. so show your Accesories and where you droped them
  11. this .... cant wait to be the 1st one in get supreme screw supreme ... :D accesorries !
  12. there should be mark on shops you visited in last 30 mins or so. Because browsing shops is so chaotic and i often go in one shop more times by mistake.
  13. Build reflect wall. That will make you scream in joy as u see spider webbing himself. Its just the best feeling in the world.
  14. Its coming in next patch lol :P oh lol im idiot :D thx :D
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