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  1. +1, I agree on that, would have to be a moderatly cheap DLC though. All the DLC for this game is already dirt cheap. The only way to make it cheaper is to give it away.
  2. You will have to create a new Steam account and purchase a new copy of the game through your new account. Pretty much a waste of money, but hey, it's your money to do with as you see fit.
  3. This really does look fantastic. Great layout. Really cool-feeling atmosphere. Great work man.
  4. I picked up a great tower sword the other day that had several hundred percent block. I was so stoked that I found a new sword for my countess. I started pumping mana into upgrading it and then noticed that the block stat changed to negative 77 percent. Didn't waste too much mana on it, but it is useless for an active builder on higher levels. It's a glitch and needs to be fixed. The item you pick up should not change stats just because you picked it up. (Was a high-end mythical crab-stabber-style sword on Aquanos survival).
  5. Compared to the server issues that still plague dungeon defenders, diablo's launch has been quite successful especially considering the sheer volume of preorders for the game. Server drops have been a big issue in this game yet about 48 hours in, their systems are showing great improvement as they figure out loads etc. Having logged 15 hours including getting on in the first hour easily, I think the issue has been blown up a bit. Guess you haven't been reading the Diablo 3 forums...
  6. LOL, this game works great. I have over 700 hours in it. Want to play a game that is broken? Try playing Diablo 3...their servers shut down randomly. Diablo 3 is the biggest video game fiasco ever.
  7. Yeah I run into this problem more and more now that I'm using more auras. The mobs are killed off so quickly that mana sometimes never even hits the ground before it disappears. Perhaps they should increase the number of mana tokens allowed at any given time. Or maybe they should do like they have done with accessories and make it so large mana tokens don't disappear. Heck, I don't know. What I do know is that it is a pain to be standing just out of range of a baddie that my aura just took out and the mana token he dropped disappears before I can pick it up. I find this happening a lot
  8. I've known about the damage for awhile, but what about the rest? Do they all scale the same? I am also curious about this. Is it the same algorithm for all scaling?
  9. You should work on getting a matching set of armor. You get a nice percentage bonus to all stats when all your pieces are of the same type. Your character could build but you would be relying totally on your towers. If your towers fail to protect you, you're history because you will not be able to protect yourself. I've been playing that way for quite awhile and it's not a bad thing. You have to start somewhere and you are probably ready to start NM.
  10. If you are positive this is happening, please file a bug report. I ran Alchemist Lab last night with no sharken problems, but I was using an ensnare instead of a gas trap. They most certainly were slowed by the ensnare, giving my towers time to take them out before they charged. Went all 25 waves on NM HC and afk'd most waves. My big problem right now is Misty. At wave 20 they start moving my walls. Things are so chaotic that I don't even realize that I have a problem until my crystal is getting hit by an ogre. Then I'm like "WTF?" and I notice that one of my walls has been moved and
  11. So it looks like they are trying to make DD a blend of every genre out there. Eventually it will be a 1st/3rd-person shooter/tower defense/RTS/RPG...so I guess we could call it a FPSTDRTSRPG???? I am skeptical about this summoner and how it will integrate into the existing game. Unless it was considered as an original mechanic of the game, it has the potential to break the game. Trendy needs to be careful how they alter the game mechanics. Too much alteration could turn currently usable mechanics into worthless junk. They messed up mechanics of the Monk, and now all you hear about is h
  12. I'm unlucky too. Still have yet to get a good giraffe. I always host and I always get them with 3 to 6 negatives and very few ups. Other people are gawking at how good their giraffe is.
  13. Right. Wave 20+ in Mistymire last night had sharken nailing 2 of my 4 walls each round. Harps were busy nailing ogres. Gas traps and ensnares couldn't hold them back long enough for my harps to take down the ogres, even at over 100k dmg per shot and boosted with my huntress guardian. I definitely would welcome the option to set target priority manually. Sharken would be first on my list. I used to be able to solo Misty survival to completion but now I get overrun around wave 23-24.
  14. I noticed this same thing last night. My first time ever completing OMF but wyverns were getting stuck in the path above the tents. Had to do seek and destroy runs to finish off stuck wyverns before the timer ran out.
  15. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!! Are you saying that we cannot have a block that will deflect 100% of all frontal and side attacks anymore? Even with 100%+ block, DEW's tend to bounce off your head and slice you in the back so you end up taking full damage. DEW swarms like those on City in the Cliffs cut me to pieces even though I have over 150% block. They simply attack you from every angle, making it impossible for you to block every attack. I have used one sword recently that had 98% block (maxed out) and that 2% of damage that I would take with every hit would seriously add up quick at higher
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