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  1. 1) Level them up to 74. You can't even wear Myth let alone get it. 2) Get a Apprentice or Huntress Guardian Pet (once your 74 of course). 3) I would strongly recommend making an EV Series as well and getting him to 74, a Huntress would be nice as well. 4) You will need a character for DPS eventually as well. You could also join games where mythcial either drops and/or is rewarded on Insane Difficulty... once your 74. That is probably what I would do.
  2. I have seen a surge of cheaters recently. Saw some last night using tower cheats (un-upgraded towers doing massive damage) and hacked armor (accessories with 361 in all stats in all slots and such).
  3. What about adding Mix Mode to Hardcore? Does that multiply it further? Mix mode seems to make the game about 50% harder but you only get like 5% increase in loot quality.. So not really worth it at all.
  4. I am only farming Misty to wave 30 at moment. Here is what I have got for statistics: When Trans does drop: 80% of the time it is a non desirable weapon type with a negative reload value making it worthless. ( I have probably seen about 200+ drop in this category) 10% of the time I get trans weapon with good stats but <200 upgrades making it worthless. 10% of the time I get trans armor. 0.000000001% of the time I get a good trans weapon with good stats, never have found a good trans weapon type with good stats and upgrades... Supreme: So far I have only got 3 or 4 total 2 armo
  5. I have posted many times about these bugs.. They have happened to me since I started playing in Nov/Dec last year. And still continue through to latest patch. I have lost billions (100-200 million at a time) through mana trades giving mana from my girlfriends account with offline shop to my account. It has happened to me maybe 40 times at least. I mean how hard can this be to fix.. At very least keep track of player a and player b's mana levels before trade and check after trade.. if player a is minus 200 million mana and player B didn't increase by 200 million then either compl
  6. If your towers are unable to stop Sharken, or orges are piling up, then you need to physically move yourself out there and kill them. This is what I had to do.. I got myself a SeaHorse pet from insane Aquanos and started running around with this pet killing sharks.. This took me from W20 Misty to W30 with sharken (Before Sharken I use to do W30 all the time) At least now with my new pet I can do it again. My EV + Pet does over 2.2 million DPS normal constant damage on tavern dummy now and I still have around 80 upgrades left on pet.
  7. How many of you have found Mythical items? I found one last night I will try to post name/stats when I get home from work.
  8. I had problems once I hit w20 so I boosted my tower monk's stats about 500-600 points and switched from using an Apprentice Guardian to using a 10k dam Seahorse and got to w29 last night. Also got my first supreme armor. I plan to make a DPS Monk as well but will take time to farm a good weapon and get some armor together for him/level him up. With a DPS Monk and fully upgraded Sea Horse (still have 100 upgrades to go). I should own Misty next time I try. Sea Horse to kill the groups on gas traps made the biggest difference ever on solving the sharken issues.
  9. Misty waves 17+ will start having them here and there.. waves 28+ will have a few usually. But yeah like others have said.. I can't get that high anymore with sharken.. I use to complete Misty to wave 30 all the time before sharken. Now they break through somewhere on wave 20 and ends it.. I have been gearing up my other builders a bit so hopefully that will be the needed boost to get me through to 30 again. Edit: After boosting my stats and switching to SeaHorse to roam around hunting sharks I got to w29 last night and got my first Supreme on level 27 of Misty I think.
  10. Personally, I am more bothered when I try to join "'s Game" on wave 13-14 and get kicked. At least this guy said what he wanted. Perhaps they had a player already that lost connection and they are freeing the spot up for him to re-join?
  11. You can easily ignore those kinds of games, people who host them are either ignorant, uninformed or outright mad about the quick-match system. Join = Kick is probably their attempt at preventing everyone and their m-o-t-h-e-r (really the word m-o-t-h-e-r- is not allowed on the msg boards? haha my god, guess they are worried about your mama is so ugly jokes? ) from joining a game they want friends to join. They are not purposely making the game just to get a thrill out of kicking.. yes they should make it private. The kick system is fine as is.. voting will make most players go privat
  12. Ok so after much frustration I went back to Misty and farmed gear for my :monk: . Got Tower Atk up to 2700 and range up to 1600... Perhaps that is the answer for me too.. My monk had only about 1800 atk and 1200 range and am having issues on Misty on wave 20 with 1700/3100/1200/2200 Squire Tower builder. I do have 2200 atk/1400 range now on my monk but haven't tested it yet again. Sounds like I need to boost it a bit more to start having things easier, luckily I haven't upgraded my new gear on him yet so I will be higher by the time I try again.
  13. So what active character and pet are most using that can beat misty now? And are you doing it Solo or with Help from others?
  14. Have you tried Kandar's build? I've completed misty with 2k stats, infact i'm almost completing Aquanos and I'm only up to about 2.4k now. What character do you play waves as? Do you do it solo or with help? What Pet do you use? Using Kandar's build with 2k stats does not automatically equal a win, I am wondering what else or what goes with it that allows you to beat it with just 2k stats.
  15. for everyone unclear this is talking about patch 7.32 tavern rolls not prior patches Running on 7.32 Last night I got a Transcendent Genie pop up (400 million) after a OMF run on nightmare. It had Hero stats of like 250 HP and 350 Attack. Tower stats were 200-300 or so in 3 tower stats but had a negative Tower Range of -250. Still a decent Genie. Oh had about 275 upgrades as well. I might add though that I dont see really good transcendent items in shop very often.. it is rare but does happen. I have got some nice armor before from tavern as well.
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