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  1. For the sake of easyness I will refer to series EV as a She. When Series EV finds the kids she assumed that they were the heros kids and that she had been looking for the heroes for years. Now these 4 heroes are major players having sealed away an ancient evil odds are most people know what kingdom they reside in. Because of this I think that Series EV checked the castle first learned of the crusade they went on and tried to track them down. Its kind of hard to hide a crusade so I think she found the crusade but the heroes weren't with them. Where would they have gone? It doesn't make
  2. Play The halloween spooktakular on NM or now possibly just Insane and it has a chance to be your reward as a huntress
  3. Plus there is uneaten pizza in the secret room and a sploder dude on a treadmill under the stairs. Maybe parents were watching (and training) them before the eternia shards when they were kidnapped. That's why the room is unlocked when you beat the game. They got home just after you killed the dragon and as you cleaned up your defenses/scavenged the corpses of your kills for mana/ weapons they went to the tavern and ordered pizza to celebrate and where 'kidnapped' before you were got back?
  4. What I think may have happened: 1:The parents knew that they would be kidnapped so they left their old training weapons and a secret message (don't trust the tavern keeper) Or 2: this is a time vortex where they are their own parents and all the shards put together make a time machine where they become kids again and they start their story over... This is making my imagination flutter. GREAT SCOTT! I hadn't even considered the time travel possibility... that is amazing!
  5. Well, with all the information that we have managed to gather here it's pretty safe to assume that there is more to the Tavernkeep than just a friendly joker. - Has a large amount of mana for buying and selling As far as the game mechanics work the only way to get mana besides the storage chests is killing monsters. In order for the Tavernkeep to have so much mana when the primary currency for the majority of the kingdom appears to be gold he would have to be a skilled combatent. - Always in a cheerful mood If the majority of the patrons left the tavern in a hurry fast enough to leave
  6. I didn't think so many people would agree with me thank everyone for your help pointing out stuff that the rest of us missed. Keep up the good work and we'll ahve found our parents before we know it.
  7. Updated the first post to contain most everyone elses additions to the first post :) thanks everyone and don't worry we'll find your parents.
  8. Alright so I've been playing the game for a while but haven't frequented the forums very often until recently. I was convinced last night by a group of random people that my theory has enough substance to warrant posting so: I think the Tavernkeep trapped your parents(The Etherian Heros) inside an eternia crystal. [QUOTE]Logic 1: Behind the TV in the secret room there is a message that says, "Don't trust the Tavernkeep" That is benign enough on its own but when you put the rest of the information together it doesn't seem so simple. Logic 2: Why would your parents leave their weapons be
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