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  1. ^ might want to delete one of these posts. You double posted by accident
  2. Emulator controllers are about 20$. Might want to check what rapid said first though. Not sure if that works.
  3. The Fist of Atlas- the great hand that once held the burden of the sky. It would look like a greyish high five. Same attack rate. 214 base,no elemental, 100% block, +10 in all stats and 32^
  4. How often do you find generic soul focusers
  5. ^ if I ever go over to your house again I could make your fights atb
  6. Getting the ATB gauge system is really hard. The program wasn't meant for AtB
  7. ATB gauge. At the moment the file isn't updated. I worked on it this morning so there is shops and the first town. I'll update the file later
  8. Yes very similiar. I've only got a few battles set up though
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