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  1. Items will be maintained by the server, thus making it a lot harder for these things to happen. No game is hackproof, but we can be sure they learned from DD1 and are doing their very best.
  2. Seems to be something wrong with the linking too. Often I need to go in the URL bar to fix a misplaced "/" slash. For example this working URL forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?110893-is-it-me-or-something-wrong-with-the-website becomes forums.dungeondefenders2.comshowthread.php/?110893-is-it-me-or-something-wrong-with-the-website
  3. problem with streaming dd is that it doesnt get much viewers, imo its not an interesting game to watch What game is interesting to watch without good commentary? None in my opinion. Good viewer interaction, a social player or a diverse group is what makes an interesting stream for me.
  4. Loved the stream, draemn. What program do you use for streaming? My guess is OBS, it's really nice on dd imo. Xsplit is paid and a lot more issues..
  5. Nibelung


    Pretty sure OP is referring to a mobile app tho.
  6. Nibelung


    Say no to Freemium! I much prefer a paid app than in-app purchases. They had a DD1 mobile app, so I believe a new one will depend on the success that one had.
  7. The "Dungeon Defenders Collection" bundle was last updated/brought out before that dlc was released, so yes you'll need to buy it individually. A lot of the maps can be played if hosted by other people, with the exclusion of the shards maps. But to host your own, and get the specific loot drop in your games, you need to buy the dlc.
  8. I always love watching good streams while playing in my own games. It makes playing more entertaining. However, recently all I see is either hackers streaming (for the last 6 days this guy with 600mil stats..) or really new players who stop streaming after once or twice. I prefer streams with multiple people, or with good viewer interaction, and I think others share my point of view on this, there is no fun in watching someone do a survival game if he doesn't know how to entertain by talking/..
  9. Simple solution, don't do lab runs and don't get a lifetime's work of crap.
  10. What I do is spam "move to shop", then go into my shop and spam "remove from shop", this unlocks items too ;)
  11. yikes why do they have so little value i mean isnt it the same as a cube you only get one per account I guess it might be because 2.1% of the DD community on steam gained the mk2 gun, while only 1.2% gained the cube. The cube achievement was introduced much later, and only those who kept playing got it, while there were a lot more mk2's in the flow. Quite funny, as getting the cube is a lot less work than the gun.
  12. Merry Christmas, and happy holidays. Thanks for doing this, and good luck everyone. SID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/jprbe/
  13. Thats most likely a steam issue, not syncing. Do you close the game in a natural way?
  14. More drops basically means more chance on higher quality now. Doesnt?
  15. Maybe you should add some details about the style you like, a specific text, ...
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