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  1. This looks good. I'm interested actually. However I currently deleted everything and started over so I'm virtually useless at the moment.
  2. Here is a misty build a lot of people use: http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?67197 I have never personally used it. But as popular as it is I don't see it not working.
  3. There would be multiple reasons behind why no one seems interested. The first one being this hasn't been up very long. Secondly, the way it's worded makes it sound like you'll get stuck in a hierarchy with you at the top telling everyone what to do. Overall, it doesn't seem very appealing when you don't get anything out of it. Not sure what you are going about saying a hierarchy, or getting anything out of it. Its a TEAM not an I and 7 other people. I will run this like a clan is ran. I will be the "founder" if you will. All clans/guilds have that. I will officers (My Captains). There are ru
  4. Really, no ones interested? That is a little odd. Guess most people like solo play. Or perhaps not many want to start over. Interesting.
  5. Why not have 5 builders, stacking you with all of the builder equipment when there's 5 different sets is greedy - same with the dps. Sure pooling mana to upgrade one or another first makes sense. Interesting idea, if it changes a bit, I'd be game for it. I do need to work on it some, maybe we could collaborate to make it better? You are right about the builders. For some reason the sets slipped my mind. I think I will re-write this after some collaboration with some people that are interested. EDIT: There I have changed some stuff. And made it a tiny bit more organised.
  6. Ogre Slayers Status: Recruiting Members: 1 Slots open: 7 Hello! Welcome to the Ogre Slayers team recruitment thread! What this team is about: We will be self found. There will be a total of 8 members, the team will start when there is 4 members. The second team will start when the last 4 are found. While we only will have 8 members from the start we will expand when we see fit. My plan is having 5 teams of 4. Rules: 1. Self found gear ONLY! 2. You must listen to the team Captains at all times. (If you feel the captain is being unfair or abusing their authority, screen shot it
  7. I'm not so sure how to do that o.O
  8. Well, as for leveling your builders, you'll mainly wanna focus on Auras. Once you have a good aura monk you're basically set. Traptress's can have a huge effect in the game, but only on nightmare, and only in some maps. I'd focus on leveling/gearing your builders like so: Auras ( Best gear and highest level ) Summoner ( High HP and DMG ) EV ( High HP and DMG ) Traptress ( High DMG/Radius ) That's basically your kit for building. DPS: Use a Jester for upping during the waves, but use a barbarian for bosses. Hope that helped :) Hmm ionteresting, I usually use a countess in my build.
  9. I have my mouse at 3500 DPI and the camera at max movement speed and its movement speed is still a bit too slow for me... Is there a way to fix that?
  10. What tower person should I work on first? My DPS will be the jester. Of course a traptress. Then my Summoner. Those are the first four I am wanting to work on. Now as a self founder... Whats the fastest way to level to get to mythical gear. After of course you complete the campaign. Where to find decent myth gear with somewhat ease. (I'm not fond of the endless spire first wave trick.) DLCs I don't currently have: Dungeon Defenders - Warping Core Challenge Mission Pack DLC Dungeon Defenders - City in the Cliffs Mission Pack Anniversary Pack Dungeon Defenders - The Ti
  11. Have a option to toggle between skins and equipment graphics. I love skins, but I also love looking like a beefed up tank every once in awhile. Make equipment graphics to show of your character. I'd love to see this, I didn't really like the fact most of all heroes looked the same in DD1 and I'd like to be able to customize my look by actual in-game gear, other then accessories. As this will be cosmetic its not exactly high up on the priority list, but I do think unique looks on a hero will likely be a + rather then a -. Not only that having a option to toggle in-between having your Equi
  12. Wondering if I should stream as well. Hmmm.
  13. Meh, I don't visit my e-mail nor twitch much anymore. Only way is if I stream but that's unlikely. EDIT: I am now level 70, going to farm me some myth gear... or try. Lol EDIT2: Actually I'm kind of at a loss on where to start actually. I got a myth genie waiting in my shop for me, but sadly i have to get 40mill mana for it. Any suggestions? (Just state what map and the ideal stats to start out that map and what difficulty, keep in mind I only have one level 70 ATM so i cant use certain builds.)
  14. If you catch me during a live steam of my alts, feel free to join. All of my heroes are past lvl 70, so you're actually behind me. Ah I see. Lol PM me your SID?
  15. I'm still working on it, but I actually bought an account with no DLC and started fresh on my live-stream. I haven't hit mythic gear yet, but I haven't streamed in a while. My point is to have fun and also see how far you can go with the base game and joining games with others. Hm if youd like we could party up? I may have to wait til your a bit higher level, though. I'm only 38-ish though EDIT: Level 51 now, actually.
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