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  1. 10am EST Sunday My sid: http://steamcommunity.com/id/blacksunshine117/ My team sid: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dqsr_2392/
  2. Look at the trading forums, full of people with questionable amounts of mana. I am quitting dd because of this retarded inflation. Its been good fun for 700 hours though
  3. I agree, app towers seem underpowered compared to squire towers and could use a slight damage buff
  4. Just off a boss rush run :D
  5. Tbh i think walless is impossible with the amount of ogres wacking on your defenses
  6. I havent even completed area 2 yet lol
  7. Yeah I had a gas trap, inferno trap, ensare aura, strength drain aura, elec aura, and at one point a proxy, all buffed and there was still at least one that always got through without fail every wave. also, my tower damage on my huntress and monk are both 2k, so idk what the heck the deal is. Still doesn't make sense for sharken to be able to charge over lifts though. This except my monk and huntress are both 3.7k
  8. Yes my walls at south crystal are pushed every single wave after wave 20 and its really annoying
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