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  1. One of the largest quality of life issues remaining in DD is the loot filter. I haven't played DD in a month or more despite already owning the complete Shards pack, and the main reason for that is that I got tired of having to look through every piece of loot since I can't trust the default filter, combined with the filter's huge preference for deleting armor instead of weapons when most players (myself included) would be much better off with more armor drops. I'm far from the first to suggest this, but the two options we need are 1) To be able to set the ratio of weapons:armor drops we w
  2. In addition to the above uses of ensnare, the ogre's half health animation is effected by ensnares so if you have high enough tower/hero DPS you can take out the last half of his health before he can even attack again / throw the green ball at your towers. I haven't really played in a while, but according to the 7.32 patch notes that is no longer true: [quote]* Ogre low-health-angry animation speed no longer affected by Ensnare aura[/quote] That said, I definitely agree with your overall point.
  3. Sorry about that, this last update (7.36c) had to modify the Input INI to fix an issue the occured with adding Summoner Gamepad Overlord support. So occasionally we have no choice but to reset the Input INI. However, what we'll do is make the -tcp option still display the splash screen launcher, so you'll be able to configure your Inputs properly. Also, note you can also launch the Config Tool directly: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dungeon defenders\Binaries\DunDefConfig.exe Cheers, Jeremy Is there any reason custom keybinds aren't stored in a separate file? The game
  4. What DrThrax said. Also, if you want to swap heroes in the same slot (e.g. slot 3 on both page 1 and 2) you'll have to move one of them to a different slot first.
  5. me and my friend have been thinking the same thing. when NM started we did not have to deal with anything extra, but then spiders, djinn and now sharken. it would be brutal for a new person to try and start with out some help. Nightmare has always had spiders.
  6. Are you sure ogre range increases with wave? I've never seen anything either personally or on the forums that suggests it does.
  7. By the way, what is the reasoning behind not allowing mixing of Mythical+ with Godly-? It's a highly confusing mechanic for anyone who doesn't read the forums, and hinders the stats of people transitioning into nightmare who are having a harder time than anyone else as it is. It seems to me like it would be much better to have sets work with any gear quality, with individual pieces getting the 25/30/33/36% bonus respectively.
  8. I don't know the answer to your question, but you still get benefit from points in between (value that gives you .07) and value that gives you .06).
  9. As you can see, the word ****** (t o g g l e) is censored here on the forums. As this is a fairly useful word for a game, it'd be nice to be able to see it.
  10. If you use buff beams a lot, huntress is the way to go. This is b/c the difference between its boost and the TBB's is higher than the damage boost from an app guard. App guards are more general purpose, dont cause proxies to exhaust themselves in seconds, buff status affecting defenses (ie. str drains), and may have a slightly higher DPS boost. Huntress may also cause auras to wear out faster (untested). This. Assuming a reasonable distribution of stats, app guard is better without buff beam, hunt guard is better with it. One exception is if you need bouncers to one-shot spiders, in whic
  11. The difference between manually moving and manually building is that you could do the former even if you don't have the appropriate builder out, so that would be better of the two options. Which is not to say I dislike this idea; I think it's a good one.
  12. I have no idea what you're arguing against, but I completely agree. Again, statement taken out of context, I was responding to that guy who absolutely would not use any other class than app builders, which I found stupid Edit: Forgot I'd quoted you. I misunderstood what you were saying; gotcha. I was also posting it as a general response to the various people who have posted (not just in this thread) that the game shouldn't be soloable when there's no reason that should be the case.
  13. Before I begin, I'm assuming that in a given game every class is available, whether from one player or a combination of players. If progression content (post campaign) is balanced so it can be done without certain classes then it becomes too easy with those classes. The following things should be approximately equal for any number of players, assuming equal gear levels: 1) Quality and quantity of gear per player 2) Difficulty 3) Time taken Let's break that down some more. 1) is already taken care of. The quality of loot is the same, but with more of it with additional players. Cha
  14. Isn't the bonus on sub-mythic sets 25%? Also, are you sure sub-mythic trans only gets 25%? I think they released that before nightmare and I remember the bonus being 33% even back then.
  15. you forgot to actually edit your post cute trying to act holier-than-thou though I'm pretty sure edits within a minute or two don't put the edit tag up. Edit: Like so.
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