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  1. * Raised Level Cap to 83, and added hyper-rare 'Supreme' item quality categorization ALREADY?! Im not even done leveling and getting my guys to 78/trans...and I play alot! This is crazy, how long was 78/trans even the cap on the game? I should of just taken a break and waited for this. Edit (More thoughtful, less rage) When I am playing a progression based, especially one in which I need to PAY to progress, I want to be able to enjoy/have each level of progression feel important. When a game releases progression DLC so close together the DLC in the middle becomes pointless. It would be
  2. Can we tone down the traps before I have a seizure? Seriously 2-4 traps stacked going off non-stop is unbarebale
  3. Just wanted to see what other people thoughts are on the best DPS pet. I play a high end DPS countess, usually I just have a genie or app guardian but now with buff beams app guards are less important. What is considered the best pet for clearing mobs?
  4. i dont understand the WoW replies..i said that cause i use to play wow and this game happens to cost the same as a month of wow
  5. Despite all the complaining about bugs and changes, I think people forget this is a $15 (or $3 in my case) downloadable title. For the cost of 1 month of wow, this game is amazing. Constant patching, balancing, and new content. Along with 100s of hours of progession based gameplay. I have never seen devs play such close attention to there game. Before you complain remember what you are playing, for $3 on amazon sale ive got 300 hours of really fun game play.
  6. this is the second time Ive traded all all the time on both sides just disappeared, im done with this buggy game, thanks for taking my money and providing me crap
  7. As a DPS player, SVs and MFs are zero fun... because no matter how good my dps is, my guardian is so much important, so my only job is stand still, don't die, and guardian buff towers. (Personally I think guardians should be removed from the game, but that is for a different post. Anywayyyss...the only fun I get to have a DPSer is assault maps, and even I had a 1/50 shot of getting a trans weapon at least there would be a reason to do it. As it stands right now what I consider the best part of the game is completely pointless..
  8. Id like a minimap in the top left corner, hideable if u don't want it and either fixed or rotating options. It'd be nice to quickly see what lane a ogre has spawned in or see what towers have taken damage at a glance.
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