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  1. ATF_Synergy |^| http://steamcommunity.com/id/ATF_Synergy/
  2. If you have an account, I'd suggest joining some random games on the new maps. It really depends on what DLC you stopped playing at. The EV and Summoner are a necessity and add a huge change in how you build now. There are a few issues, but most have been fixed and the game is playable. As for the second one, it probably won't be out until next year fully as the PvP version is first then the campaign comes out second. If you're looking for a game to play with your friends, there's plenty still left to do imo.
  3. Wow, good luck everyone! 1978 hours ATF_Synergy |^| http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960460069/
  4. Forgot to move :( No Ogres get through my lightsaber!
  5. Argh, just got back from work out of town, anyway I can still sign-up? ATF_Synergy |^|
  6. ATF_Synergy |^| http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960460069/
  7. I'd try the old card, there is some host side information so it's possible that the projectile range is determined by how fast/slow it was reported to have traveled, but I don't have any solid information on that - just a suggestion.
  8. Nicely done! It's good to know that it is the same radius and damage, I'm guessing the crystals have a hitbox under the floors that I hit them at in Assault which, when hit directly, allows fewer hits to kill. As for hitting behind me, I find if I'm on the conveyor edge, behind me is the abyss and the EVs are toast :)
  9. If you are using the same steam account then you won't be able to play on both at the same time in open as you can only have an account logged into one place at a time. If you had a non-steam version and a steam version, you could play together though.
  10. When I stand on the edge of the conveyor belt, the projectile will hit the corner of the wall and explode there with 30k speed. This will cause EV's from the middle of the conveyor belt on both sides (one side is where the plate stompers are, the other, the corner of the ramp that starts to go uphill) to jump around. I've used a gun with ~5k speed before and the explosions occur right infront of my hero which doesn't cause the EVs further away to jump as much. You can keep shooting infront of yourself and they can start shooting back then hop backwards just outside of splash range so you ha
  11. Weak, earning the achievement from the first wave even with assistance has so much more meaning! Don't shortchange yourself man!
  12. How far away is the splash damage you're checking, like is your crosshair on the wall to the left of the dummy or is the damage from the outer edge of the splash? Have you tested the difference from .001 inches from a direct hit and from the outer edge of the splash? I've found crystals being hit through the walls have 2-3 different ranges of damage from the splash (ex. taking 9 hits or taking ~15) - the most noticeable is the south one. Awesome findings though, maybe some screenshots of the two locations you're gauging from would help a bit more. I've just used the mechanism of them jum
  13. Max out your projectile speed, it will help keep the EVs jumping further away from you. IMO, everything else, max out shots per second, increase clip size if it's low, reload until it's positive (unless the clip is 500+) then damage.
  14. The genie milestones are: 6716 (300 mana per circle) / 23460 (400) / 29004 (420) / 61897 (500) If you can reach the last one, it may be beneficial if you don't have a wolf gun for mana. If you are using a wolf gun for mana, since you are already at the 420 mark, it would be a waste of stats to put it into pet damage, so pump hero health, attack or casting speed if yours is low.
  15. Those are from Throne room and another original map's survival. Tinker's rewards laser bots on wave 25, 35 is for a mega chicken and blaster with a bunch of other junk. IF you can manage it, the tinker's survival one will have far better stats than either of the types you posted pictures for.
  16. http://store.steampowered.com/app/65800/?snr=1_7_15__13 There's a demo on steam for it as well.
  17. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ATF_Synergy/ ATF_Synergy |^|
  18. Run some traceroutes from your IP to his and vice versa. I'd suspect there's something going on between you two outside of DD. Can you both join someone elses game and do you have the same issue?
  19. Melee will always have higher dps as ranged you have to be in melee range to get all projectiles to land on a single target and it still does less. It is more dependent on what your playstyle is really. If you like to be in an ogre's belly with a cat or a high dps pet on, go melee. Ranged is great for picking off those copters and djinn that are either stuck or trolling your defenses.
  20. Why not have 5 builders, stacking you with all of the builder equipment when there's 5 different sets is greedy - same with the dps. Sure pooling mana to upgrade one or another first makes sense. Interesting idea, if it changes a bit, I'd be game for it.
  21. Not to ask a sill question, but who is an event host. that I would need to contact? Hop in the group channel and look for someone with Event Host in their name or just ask. Shame this didn't happen for the map not working for me on the last event. Hope it gets fixes as it was a fun map to play.
  22. Also it's by score so there could have been 5 others in the game with the same completion time. Only one would have the highest score regardless of the number of players. Who knows though, all of the EVs don't spawn within the first second even after you destroy all of the crystals, I don't see how it's possible to complete the map in 1 second even if it wasn't legit.
  23. You sure that's not time it took to beat the level? I've played with that guy a few times and it's been down the last seconds due to an EV being stuck somewhere. Those points look like they killed everything instead of the usually push off the bridge method.
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