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  1. I'd go with earn it yourself. If you're paying for an achievement, you didn't really earn it yourself. Some people feel differently but I'm proud of earning each of my achievements myself (and duoing CDNMHC with a friend).
  2. Is there anyway to make an item no-drop/no-trade? That would solve the whole trading issue right away and *gasp* people could use what they earned! If you received one fewer item then it's not as big a deal.
  3. The other side of the problem are those who join early, but for whatever reason were away when their invite came up. (With a 3 hour wait there are bound to be good reasons to step away for a while.) Need a way to "pause" so the hosts know you're away temporarily but don't want to lose your place in the queue. Maximum pause should be 20 minutes. Nah no pause. Just the next time a host is available, they'll have to be there to speak up. Don't want a reason for the hosts to have to delay anything because someone is afk.
  4. Thanks eagle, I wasn't skipped over that I could tell, there were a few others who brought up that they were in earlier then others this morning. Just trying to help out.
  5. So after seeing the 50:2 ratio in the chat room this morning along with some people missing out on running when a newer person spoke first, I would like to suggest a way to make it more fair for those waiting. What we used to do in EQ when people were waiting on a specific boss to spawn was queue up and maintain what number we were in line. Since we can't physically stand in line, just assigning a number would work instead. The first person to run who is in chat is 1, when the second joins, the first guy says "I'm 1, you can be 2". Then #2 says the same thing to the 3rd and so on. If th
  6. We need a time other than just Monday or Tuesday. Do you have an idea for a block of hours? Like maybe 5-8 pm est on Monday or 2-5 pm est on Tuesday. Sorry about that, ended up working extra on the end of the week and got the job on the weekend cancelled. Won't need a date change and Undead ran me today. Thank you!
  7. I'm not 100% sure yet, but Sat/Sun may not be available to play for myself so I'd like to schedule a run Monday/Tuesday please.
  8. Lab assault drops your resistances lower than normal NMHC does. If you run Insane HC and have all 90%, NMHC and have something like 90/90/80/80 with high level gear, NMHC Lab can be 85/85/70/70 (just throwing numbers out, not exacts).
  9. ATF_Synergy |^| http://steamcommunity.com/id/ATF_Synergy
  10. Hey all, I've had trouble with custom maps here and there, moreso lately though. With the help of Mischief and ubermench42, I think a possible solution for others who crash on the load screen for DD (not the map, for the whole game) is to obtain the .upk file from someone, place it in the "Steam\SteamApps\common\dungeon defenders\UDKGame\CookedMods" folder, then resub or get an invite to the map itself to play it. Resubbing worked to self host, getting an invite without subbing still worked but doesn't let you pick it from the custom map list to host yourself. If this is occurring for man
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