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  1. Post the image in the Item Check thread: http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?95359-Item-Check-Thread to find out please.
  2. all that and a monk to boost the range, ha!
  3. Three! At this rate I may reach 15 by the deadline haha.
  4. Ooo post 1! Here's to seeing you in DD2 Eagle!
  5. Anyway I can request to run it the next weekend, the 15th 11am-3pm PST? I'll be out of town from the 2nd-13th.
  6. Sid - ATF_Synergy |^| Link - http://steamcommunity.com/id/ATF_Synergy
  7. TD NMHC, get all of the bonuses (no hero damage, no crystal damage) and restart before the boss wave. If you have controllers, build with one guy, and put the other in the first unlocked room with a robot pet. The second guy gets more exp for not taking damage and only dealing hero damage (can't be one of the tower builders). Can't beat the speed and ease of leveling this way.
  8. Synergy_

    Item Check Thread

    129.3 hours past 2 weeks Recent Game Activity 609 hrs on record I would think that it's not prepatch with those hours, but I'm not friended to ask at this time. The snarky remark when I mentioned it may not be legit makes me think it isn't more than his playtime though.
  9. Synergy_

    Item Check Thread

    IC please and thanks in advance!
  10. To unsub: Go to your library in Steam, Select Dungeon Defenders, click on the "Browse the Workshop" link, click on "Subscribed Items", select the map then click Unsubscribe. If you download the map from a 3rd party like here http://www.sendspace.com/file/rvunol and put it in the folder \Steam\SteamApps\common\dungeon defenders\UDKGame\CookedMods with it subscribed, it should load properly. Otherwise, stay unsubscribed from the map, but put it in that folder and you can join someone elses hosting of the map, just cant host it yourself.
  11. does this make u lose everything?! You may have to download some files but your characters are held on the server on RANKED and you won't lose anything there from reinstalling/changing local files. You could lose your information on Open/Local but there's a process to back that info up if that's where you play.
  12. Running the event maps on lower difficulty may not change some of the difficulty. I ran the lava map on Hard and the Ogres had the same amount of hitpoints as NM. Thanks a TON to Bamboo for hosting the map so BluRock and I could download it. If you put it in \Steam\SteamApps\common\dungeon defenders\UDKGame\CookedMods and then subscribe, it works! Please try and add the .upk file (not .apk my bad) to a hosting site and in the event pots for future events guys!! This was a rough map and teamwork from random people you haven't played with before when you don't need it for 99% of the map
  13. If I sub to the map, steam downloads it as it should but when I try to load up DD, it instantly crashes. The way around it is to put the .apk file into the proper folder and then I can join the map when someone else hosts it. Dunno why but it works.
  14. Can someone host the .apk please (on dropbox or somewhere else)? Subscribing crashes DD for me on this map.
  15. Just pick up a new bundle-pack with all the DLC and make a new Steam account to play on. You can't remove the trophies (I believe) as they are tied to Steam achievements.
  16. They volunteer the time and effort and testing for it, if it's delayed, deal with it and enjoy the map when it's done! I know it may be rough for some people who want to auction the items off immediately, but try and enjoy what these fantastic community members are doing first.
  17. 1. What were the biggest strengths of Dungeon Defenders' Ranged Combat system? -Easily that you had decent/good damage early on in a (survival) game while sitting behind your defenses in the later waves of a game kept you active if the extra damage was needed. 2. What were the biggest weaknesses? -It came down to only a few weapons were ideal and everyone would push to find the best ones of those types only. You don't see someone with 5k damage using a depth charge! -Having to be point blank on a multi-shot weapon to do the ideal damage. 3. What would you improve about the system fo
  18. Damn, DD crashes on random workshop maps for me. Good luck all!
  19. A boneyard blade and howling wolf please! edit: WOOOO Set complete, thank you!!!
  20. SID: ATF_Synergy |^| URL: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/ATF_Synegy
  21. Add me and I can help with most of those.
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