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  1. My biggest concern on UI in general is lack of information that I had seen in DD2. There were many times where friends and I would wonder "How will this affect my character?" or "What does this mean/do?" while playing DD2 and we'd frankly have no way of knowing without consulting an external source and even then still find nothing about it. There is a lot of assumption in DD2 that the player can understand the icons next to the numbers. For the longest time, I had no idea that the gear with the number meant "Gear Score" and and I have played me a many WoW and other MMOs, where "LFG H Underbog GS 540" or what have you. I think tooltips should be considered for all aspects of the UI. Hovering over something should spell out how it's going to make my character better or worse. Just to pick at the screenshots shown here. As a new player, how will I know what "BOOST" or "D RATE" or "FORTIFY" means? It's green, so I guess it's better to have more, but that's all I can figure out without more information.. Based on the screenshot, I want less of the red stat? Or does it mean it's worse than what I'm using? Allowing the player to understand these things within the game can greatly improve the UI in my opinion. Thanks for reading!
  2. Crystalline Dimension(s). There's a new type of enemy, different choke styles, defending more than just the crystal, and the music! Also, they make you feel like a true hero in Dungeon Defenders. Before these? Hard to say, I liked most of the maps. They are all for the most part pretty balanced and fun.
  3. sorry that i called you an idiot, but i hate it beeing called a liar or faker. I never called you a liar, I said we would need more proof than this, because there's nothing that is convincing about what you are showing. I believe that there might be a problem, but how am I to know if there is if it doesn't show his stats are the same in both screenshots? [QUOTE]screenshots with aurastats AND Equipment on one picture are impossible[/QUOTE] I wouldn't say impossible =P http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/39/statseb.png/
  4. So he is busy at the moment. we will try to take a video to proof it for all these idiots who think it is fake. Excuse me, no need to call people names. You came onto here expecting everyone to believe you, but we don't know the monk had on the same gear in both screen shots - when you can prove that he did people will be less skeptical. If you're going to call people idiots for not believing you right away then you have your own demons to battle.
  5. Honestly what it looks like is the monk had little gear on in the first screenshot then put on more gear for the second. I don't really see any proof here. The health is different, the speed is different, the damage is different and the scale is different. Suggesting in 1 screenshot he had on different gear than the other. He needs to take the screenshot with all his gear and stats on while showing auras. Otherwise I simply can't find anything wrong other than trying to fool the forums.
  6. There is 2 things that I can think of that would cause issues. 1) Towers don't focus Sharken unless they are already charging. This might be known, but it's part of what can cause issues. 2) Sharken have a much reduced charge range. Yet they remain out of range if your towers are focusing ogres. These 2 combined will easily cause problems. If they have a small range at which they can start charging, then it's a smaller range for towers to kill them before they reach the walls/towers. It's a simple idea really. Their smaller range on charge is almost a bad thing for us because towers don't focus unless they're charging, if they had a longer range, they might be able to die within their charge time. The problem with Sharken is that if they're not perfectly controlled then they cause serious problems, but if they are, then they're a trash mob. Perfecting them is going to be really hard, and this one side-effect with short range charge / towers only attacking while charging is going to cause a lot of issues in later waves on any map.
  7. I thought I encountered this on The Summit survival. Happened 2 times, needless to say I thought I was crazy but submitted it as a bug anyway. Happened with a fireball tower and an EV wall. The fireball tower was destroyed within 5 seconds of wave 13 starting. Was pretty silly.
  8. [QUOTE]I have played Sanctum, Defence Grid and Sol Survivor and this is the first tower defense game that the mobs can disable or destroy your defences.[/QUOTE] So Trendy is not allowed to have their own spin? They have to stay in the predefined rules set by the Gods themselves that states no one is allowed to change the genre ever. The worst way to argue this: "Well this game does it this way, so it has to be right." I like solving the maps solo because this way I can test my build properly, and I solely am responsible for tower placement and outsolving the problem. What Sharken mean to this is that now I have to make my defence lanes long so that the turrets have time to kill Sharken before anything bad happens. You're contradicting yourself here, if you hadn't noticed. You're saying you like to 'solve' maps. And you're suggesting how to solve the sharken, yet you're saying it's impossible later in your post. With Patch 7.30c it's far easier to take down sharken. [QUOTE]I wish they had done sharken so that they move slowly, have a ton of hp, and when they reach a defensive structure, they would just disable it for as long as they are alive next to it. Enemy mobs could walk through a wall as long as sharken is attacking it, harpoon tower won't fire etc. This kind of mob would be easier to handle, and the temporary effect of getting through the defences would not be that bad.[/QUOTE] Not to say it wouldn't be a challenge, but this sounds like a modified spider. The only difference is they can't shoot from range. [QUOTE]What I personally don't like about the Sharken is that now I am in trouble If I don't have all my builders available during a wave and one Sharken gets to move a wall or tower. This means, that now I should favour only one character to build my defences. I have no idea why Trendy thinks this is a good thing, because I personally don't.[/QUOTE] This is something I kind of agree with. Trendy punishes us for switching characters(30% less damage), so we have to have a good reason to do so. Most of the time, that reason is because our builders can't survive the onslaught. Unless we sacrifice stats to allow for a partial hybrid. The question then lies: Is it worth it to spec into resists and make sure every piece of armor has player HP? If so you could easily fix those walls. Sharken are hard to deal with, but not impossible. If trendy gives us the ability to "replace" towers (Which is highly unlikely) or the ability to (at a high cost) move them back to their original position then there should be little to no complaints left. Basically you need to treat sharken like any other mob... Did I place it in just the right spot so that the sharken can never get a successful charge off? If not, try something new. This is what happened with Djinn, and I'm sure this is what will happen with the next mob. People started to learn how to angle their towers so that Djinn would and can be hit from almost any direction, now you need to make sure sharken are hit far enough away or have some gas traps down in the right position. It's all the same problem solving as before, it's just different.
  9. I actually like the idea Mr.GiGs. I always thought the idea of the Sharken would be you'd see a fin(not only for a decent design but it'd be funny too.. DUN DUN DUN DUN) going through the ground that wouldn't be target-able by your towers but instead able to be hit by players, they try to sneak behind your defenses and such. They could also have a "Hook" ability, which could be a cast-able ability that hooks a tower/defense and moves it to where they stand. It's be like the Djinn de-summon. That's how I was envisioning them when I heard the name. So it's a similar idea to have them phase through. The current issue I see with them is that when you have a high health mob or a mob that takes priority over Sharken, then they can sneak by and push stuff aside. And once you get multiple sides of Sharken and higher health mobs, you're guaranteed to have problems. Djinn made it mandatory to have gas traps, so they're already in most builds, but placement on those traps might have to make them more vulnerable if you want your defenses to stand. Surviving a Djinn de-summon is better than having towers pushed out of the map. I don't like the mechanic, but I think it's manageable. There's just going to be minor tweaks here and there that allow you to (mostly) survive the game-changing Sharken attacks.
  10. Frankly, you're just making accusations. There could be several reasons for people kicking you. I get kicked all the time from random group I join and it doesn't matter my gear level to theirs. 1. They might not know how to hide the match if they made it public. 2. They could be making room for friends. 3. They could very well be elitists showing off their epix skilz on insane survival. Fact of the matter is there's always going to be jerks in games. It's unavoidable. With that in mind, I've made some good friends off this game that I take into other games as well. And I've added people who I thought would be cool to add, who try to take advantage of my progression. You have to take the good with the bad. Edit: I would hardly call this community "garbage" though. There's dozens of games I can name with scum. This community is actually pretty nice in comparison, you hardly ever see griefers (People who just join to sell towers). In fact I haven't seen one yet (Playing since late Dec)
  11. I always thought pure strategy mode had bad loot and was just useful for getting the pets. You are correct.
  12. Either you're a hacker or a cheater or an as s-ho le. Either way you deserve to burn in hell for this. Go outside and take in some fresh air.
  13. * Strength Drain Elemental Removal Now works for Tower Targeting as well I assume this was causing issues with Snare Aura as well? I was finding many issues with mobs not being slowed while under the affect of strength drain as well as snare aura. Whether or not the mob originally had the poison buff I am not sure. All I know is I lost mostly due to ogres walking on into my base without being slowed, allowing sharken to have their way.
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