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  1. delete this thread,
  2. I'm one of the few who see the truth dnt wrry
  3. if only TE would let the mod genuis try and help, a dollar from us all could help afford anther patch, I'd do it, IDC I want our support
  4. and they cant at least spare one more patch if things go awry????? THIS is why I'm sad, if DD is unplayabe because of the patch (example) we are left for dead
  5. it depresses me the we wont get the Etherian weapons
  6. This...... this is the last patch and DLC. After I beat the DLC, I'm no longer playing, why bother anyway? All my friends left Aquanos is over-powered and broken (I am not going to memorize on build) and with this patch we still are not getting the weapons from the DLC just old reused things..... then like used up tissue this journey will end. Don't get me wrong I love DD but it will never be complete... like a doll missing her eye we will never find that piece.....
  7. lol Laser Robot 1st place PSN: Jkilla4567 I'd love to try and win that
  8. Because I love Classic and his support for us Name: Little Classic (I wish I knew his real name :( ) Type of pet: Apprentice Guardian Description: Supports you in-game as his bigger counterpart supports the community! Forged by: PS3 Community Sixe of Pet: Above Average Extra Shots/Projectiles: Buffs +3 Towers Stats of Pet: 1.5 in boost, 40 in range, -100 Hhealth, -100 Hdamage, +50 Hspeed, -40 Casting, +75 THealth, +75 TDamage, +10 TRadius, +30 TRate Upgrades: 10/30^ Colors of Pet: Neon version of classic colors Is this ok? I'll make any changes if ya want :l
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