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  1. Yeah it's an off/on thing. It worked for me and a few others though. Good luck in your endeavors :D
  2. You can actually change it back to windowed fullscreen without worrying about it. If it messes up again, just complete the fix.
  3. So I was looking for a fix for the Blackscreen. Which really isn't a blackscreen, it just freezes on the first frame with the game still running. So if you're looking for a crash fix, this isn't the place. NOTE: This is how to change it to fullscreen after already changing the in-game settings to fullscreen windowed, and thus creating the weird freeze frame glitch. I haven't tried re-installing since my internet speed is absolutely miserable and I refused to re-download the game. Things I tried before:Verifying the integrity of the game cache. Deleting .ini files and replacing them. Using the No Launcher fix. With all hope lost, HERE'S WHAT WORKED. 1. Navigate to this directory and find this file. DefaultEngine. http://puu.sh/nzOg9/dadf02376a.png (Note:) Your directory may be different depending on what operating system you use, partitions, and other fun stuffz. Make sure you know where your steam folder is. 2. Then, open the file with notepad if it doesn't already. 3. Use the find function (CTRL+F) 4. Search SystemSettings and you should be in this area http://puu.sh/nzOtE/bd813fe375.png 5. Change ResX and ResY to your appropriate screen resolution. Like This 6. Change Fullscreen=false to Fullscreen=true 7. Change FullscreenWindowed=true to FullscreenWindowed=false Should look like this 8. Use the find function again (CTRL+F) and search SystemSettingsEditor 9. Change FullscreenWindowed=true to FullscreenWindowed=false. http://puu.sh/nzOK8/633c653f19.png 10. You're done! Make sure to click File > Save. Launch the game and see if it worked. Hope I helped. TRENDY. CAN I HAVE A JOB!?!?!?
  4. Reply to elderluck You do understand that in order for Trendy to do anything about hacking/modding they would have to contact microsoft/sony. On pc they can just insta-ban. I would imagine trendy does not have the money/time to ban players through greedysoft or stony.
  5. You definatly want a shai hulud over a soul focuser or shaitan, the shaitan has no range and the soul focuser is very rare to get over 100^. My friend has a shai hulud 165^ deals around 25k a hit, 20k projectile speed, and 10 sps. Shai hulud is the way to go. I will help you farm though. Gt: D4rkWolf666
  6. Hey dredd is it possible you still have some event items on the 360? I corrrupted and lost my dharma's blade as well as my awesom-o. I could make my own but I'd rather not because people will call me a modder.
  7. Us xbox players didn't get it either, if we did me and my friends would be 90 by now (we run aquanos a good 15 times a day for loot!) Trendy didn't exactly "lie" to us, but yes they did give us arabia mismatch+aquanos problems.
  8. ^^Because having Skyrim and Dungeon Defenders working on the same console is too much to ask. Please Dont go off topic, but I am bored of skyrim all I play is Dungeon Defenders now.
  9. I had forgot about the Sky city freezing thing xD. But answer me this. Why does PS3 not have these issues. I am fully aware that they have the Trade window and dupe glitch, but nothing matches up to what we have to deal with. I do not want this to be a ps3 vs. 360 fight thing that EVERYBODY DOES! I appreciate you taking the time to read this hitmonchan, but I simply do not want to switch to the pc version because I refuse to buy this game again AND play it on a crap computer. Now if both came free i wouldn't mind... But the very small LEGIT Dungeon Defenders community on 360 would like something to be done about mods as well. I understand that there is in absolutely no way possible that mods will forever be gone. You guys could possibly let us post the gamertags of people who use mods to ban them? Such simple problems with such simple fixes won't be done because Trendy already decided that that we have already had our last patch, but if you guys are going to leave us with so many problems with it than why even bother patching because we were better off BEFORE THE PATCH!
  10. Hello Trendy Ent. This is not a rant thread, but a few things I would like to point out... Aquanos XP is still broken, DunDef Arabia mismatch error caused by playing Morrago and we have to dashboard in order to fix the problem. The seahorse from aquanos (which I understand the whole microsoft memory limit thing). All that I'm trying to say is that if Microsoft allows it, Please fix the few issues and playing Dungeon Defenders will be a much better gaming experience. Thanks.
  11. I've been corrupted 8 times, so I know how that feels. I don't have any kids (i'm only 15), but I'm glad to hear that you will not quit after something so terrible happens. Check out my thread if you wanna see some things that you can do to avoid corruption. (I can't link it because I'm using IE on xbox to post this). Oh and btw, sooner i agree. (trendy...one more please...)
  12. Oh yea, 6. Completing sky city and FREEZING. IF IT DOES NOT FREEZE. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. 7. Freezing during saving. >Exiting the game while saving is not an issue. just like getting kicked while saving is not an issue. Because the game immediatley stops saving when you get kicked or leave and then saves again at main menu. > Another thing. Picking up any item, upgrading, or leveling up causes the game to save. So if its storming badly, I wouldn't try any of those things. (sorry for the east coast this past week). >If you can TRY to find modded games (yes, try) and then convince them to join yours. Show of your amazing weapons/armor/pets. do aquanos on insane with them being useless. and maybe JUST MAYBE! People may choose to go legit. I've conviced 40oz to stop modding more characters and play the game legit. I understand this is a bit random but it is a cause of corruption to have mods.
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