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  1. ges your right thowt the day were set rong from the week delay last week i was sighd up and played dering the day ? so thank you for the anerers i was looking for!!!! and have a good night i thout i sighned up but i ges not !!!!
  2. you now its ok that my name waz over looked but it would be nice to get a invit tonight
  3. this week last night im on the sigh up sheet take a look for your self on forms
  4. xnoxonex never ivited me for the event i mesiged him! no respons ! i mesiged clasic no response im triying to see if i can get a invit for sunday or resone for the lake of invit being i waz on the roster waz up!!!!!! thar were others not ivited for this event to so i gust like to now if every 1 is ok or what !!!!
  5. xnoxonex did not invit me for the last event not very cool
  6. eventdeadstop2000 saterday it waz sed you didnot have to reaplly
  7. deadstop2000do we have to resighn up for next week event or no ?
  8. deadstop2000 satterday or sundaydeadstop2000 sat or sun
  9. i have done simular experaments i have found the more TA the longer thay last becous you are killing faster with the electic auras but no mater whot any aura that has a stedy amont of enemys going throw it no mater how many TH u have its going to go down !!!!!
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