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  1. Same got this problem after patch
  2. I have too much giraffe like to donate them away I'll be hosting assault run with 4 people who beat it 5 times first win a giraffe Post name here for invite or find me in public lobby
  3. Challenge Assault on insane Or buy in tavern
  4. How high can this thing heal up to? So far I got 452 with 6 healing speed Is it bug like geini which only give 75 mana?
  5. T9 is cool just talk lil too much lol..... Century Link tonight been booting me like crazy so not gonna be able to help out :(
  6. You need to get at least 40k in projectile if that's what you mean.
  7. Deeper well insane not too hard to handle
  8. What is ur point? Btw I know who tavern it is
  9. so still no news on when we xbox users will get the 2nd dlc? and dont be lame and say get ps3 or pc. Press Like 100 times :)
  10. So why is it that it takes roughly 7 mil xp to go from lvl 1- 70... while it takes another 7 mil to get from 70-73? Is my math bad or is there something I'm missing? I finally managed to break lvl 74 the other day and for some reason I feel like I'm done with the game. Not sure what it is about the game now but the grinding for better equipment was more fun pre-patch than it is now. Something gone wrong but I just can't put a finger on it. I couldn't agree more I thought it was just me was getting bored now everything seems boring lol time to find better thing to do.
  11. Yup it's funny. Multi projectile is rare I got 6 so far only one with multi projectile
  12. Skins ur char I'm tired of changing color
  13. skins Yes like to press LIKE 1000 times
  14. Ability to reorganize your hero. Extra heroes page so we can have 3-4 of each class :)
  15. With harpoon nerf can't keep birdy from touching buttom crystal for split second do u have better way? I get 1.6 mils if I build. If just running around shooting I get 1.7 mils.
  16. Turn off media file thingy it's in the setting
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