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  1. I have not play since Sunday night and wondering if I should download the new dlc
  2. Can you tell us PSN fan that new patch will be coming out to fix freezing error Seriously this is really sad from playing normally to freezing constantly It's not healthy for all of our PS3 system to turn off system and log back on
  3. I'll just hold off just because it's sucks and game still freeze.
  4. Was wondering as the title If its 130 upgrade is it worth a soda? Or base T26 and a mentor? Or just a pieces of armor? For me it's the best gun I have I don't like sheitan guns. Thinking of trading my 152^. I don't know what to trade it for.
  5. U should get items no matter what that's why u join events. The only reason I can think why they want to be rare cos they want to keep it for themself
  6. Its not we kick you with no reason but some map like moraggo u just can't have more than 3 ppls Or u jump in insane maps and you are level 33 squire Or try joining medium or hard you will be less likely to be kick
  7. Was looking for info that what is include in the patch this coming tues 15 may Like they gonna add pro mode? Fix freeze? Am I in the right area to post btw Thank you for your time and don't forget your pant
  8. Got invite 2 hour early and now no host or event manager respond so let find solution
  9. Can u invite again ? Or some other invite me to event?
  10. You can I can do it with one afk controller but that's 50\50 thou
  11. Is he exist? Never see him before or is it bigbadboi?
  12. I have play 5-6 game a day and it maybe succeed 1 times for the last 2 days I freeze more and more Anyhow I have lower my saturation rate down and picking up mana and using it Not sure if there's a way to fix this I have try redownload the whole game
  13. Luck first 2 time I didn't freeze I got 114 and 133 the rest froze lol
  14. I prefer 10 reload speed with 150+ on clip and 1000+ on projectile
  15. Thanks for today event bro
  16. Yea :( was too quick about it. All 100^ weapon gone so is high level armor lol
  17. So I'm number 4. And 5-6 is my team? Or just gonna be whoever on?
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