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  1. If its not hard drive try delete the game and redownload
  2. Wow sorry to hear... I have done it before too
  3. 500 repair imp with giraffe stats and 80 upgrade :)
  4. Raining ogres was great. Isnt it same way as summoner spawn pet? If so console could get summoner :)
  5. Great fun Great host Great Exp. keep up good work
  6. Luck bro first 2 time i got 120 and 124 Then bunch of 30-80 upgrade for at least 20 times then 133 All luck it seems
  7. Just dont trade .... Farm everything yourself Might as well disconnect from internet :) I have come to a point where im tired of trading for stupid crap thats disappear overtime So just dont trade them at all.
  8. So 200 health is good enough? Just tired of its going down on last wave
  9. Nice video but the small aura does that really work?
  10. So the attack rate kibda cap at 140? What is maximun range?
  11. Im sure many builder got their squire at 78 So i have few option here 200 Tower Health ~700 Tower Atk 300 Tower Health ~600 Tower Atk Is extra 100 make big different? Let say for moraggo build (only map ppl play nowaday)
  12. Im seeing blockaid on the bridge? N bouncer? Any purpose?
  13. Yea patient i run moraggo 3 controller solo now highest i got is 99^ oculus. All the crysknife was in 30-50 lol
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