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  1. All u get is maybe mana bird
  2. Idk what they are Hacking weapon big as tavern but what do they do? 1 shot boss? Is that big deal? I just wanna see what the problem with hacking? At least i dont see much freezing problem or items disappearing
  3. Nothing at that matter get fix :) dont expect too much its only $15 games
  4. I expect nothing if exp not fix and freezing im donating all my items to PC too
  5. Yea so sorry for your lost its suck anyhow good luck
  6. Just put bouncer n slice n dice everywhere :)
  7. Im cool just kinda piss at myself those are so hard to get Well cant blame anyone but yourself lol
  8. I accidently unlock my armor tavern some dude join pick all my 80^ armor up /cry he wont give it back lol Oh well guess gotta try again
  9. Everytime i play split screen on morraggo donkey poop and many other turn black. Is this normal or is there a way to help?
  10. Dont think you can get those back but you can get help from them
  11. ones you get all your char to lvl 83 and whit godly items, they will increase the lvl cap and all your stuff will be garbage :)this^^
  12. I really like the pet for tower almost overpower the giraffe i have Just need to do the same trick with CAS What do u think?
  13. yes how unfair is that the person that does the extra work building gets less xp. Something needs to change with this lolTotally agree ^^ squire almost 81 now
  14. the sad part is I dont have any lvl 83's yet lol...Lmao funny I wonder how he level to 83 with that name
  15. Just make trading grey out from event items so its will be rare/ex Then again I like to have several bots lol
  16. Holy **** he just invite me and said his mic was dead have to type only but sadly I told you(him) to f*** off
  17. Yea 2 laser robot I won from the event and funny upgrade one I got from Noone thru LK-Valentine54 disappear by itself
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