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  1. Interesting quota lol. Not bad for a highly elevated statement.
  2. I'm waiting patiently for my Invite once again...Let there be justice so I can get in!Please & thank you :D
  3. Alright. As God is my witness I shall smite them!
  4. Kids need to have better grammar corrections & more sense lol..No offence
  5. XplayGameTester also I want to kick butt!
  6. He may have the real game while you have the Demo or he may have the game while you have the Demo. They are on two different servers 1 for the Demo & 1 for the Full Game
  7. Jester why didn't you add my temporary account? XplayGameTester?
  8. Ok King...I hope you call me :) lol REMEMBER! PSN:XplayGameTester
  9. I too will also help you. Hypocritic's shouldn't judge....at least I think so //_o'
  10. I'm amazed. It will be great in Tower Defense, since the new patch will make the Squire Towers a little bit less damaging. I say great job :]
  11. I'm ready for the Event tomorrow....Who else is ready? Also, everyone who thinks Capt. should get a big "Huuurah!!!" Post it good people! Temp. PSN:XplayGameTester
  12. I know this is last sec. but may I join the MVP list? PSN:kratosmd
  13. Yes.Classic's point is well stated if you picture it.
  14. I strongly agree with this new weapon.It may even impress others & Trendy.
  15. PSN Id changePSN:Kratosmd My new PSN:ThunderGod_Zeus I changed it since Kratosmd my account will not be participating Update:PSN:XplayGameTester I'm sorry for this change again, but this is the final account that will be avaliable for an invite to the event.
  16. Great event.I had fun with Ambusher, & I hope that this next event make glory in its name xD.
  17. 139 & we are still waiting quite patiently...:)
  18. LOL great story/poem!I'm impressed yet sad for you at the same time.
  19. I like to thank all the people/friends I traded with over the months.My friends are the greatest and I also thank TrendyEntertainment for providing us such a great SSRPG (Strategy Survival Role Playing Game).
  20. I'm so sorry.My privacy settings were accidentally on recieve Friends incoming messages.
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