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  1. What is up ladies and geckos, this is Kratosmd here! I finally decided to return to DD after 8 months, since my data was corrupted. Now, I'm back and ready to get back in the game! If, anyone could help donate some armor or weapons it'll be a huge help. I currently had no items, but my buddy gave me What he had to spare for my 78 Huntress. If anyone is kind enough to help a returning DD player out, then I will surely pay you back with whatever items I can scourge up. Thank you and peace be with you!
  2. I've encountered this issue yesterday. I've lost everything my Weapons, Events, Armor, Pets & Mana. I was going to quit, but I still retained my Lvls on all my character's. I missed the event sorry Raknar2011, I should have told you. If anyone would be kind enough to help me Kratosmd (AKA XplayGameTester), I would be grateful.
  3. Have anyone in DD ever watched the famous show, "Supernatural"? Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester. Castiel. Lucifer, God, Demons, & other creatures. It's such an awesome show. I also took the Supernatural character quiz & it pointed out, that I was indeed Castiel! (Castiel is an Angel of the Lord)
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