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  1. Yes sir....I really hate this....wish I had Ps plus back then. Can I add you on Psn?
  2. My huntress is Dps, mage Dps, squire eh...idk first he was tower now Dps, monk tower
  3. Yeah HeadHuntress I do. My Huntress is 79, squire 76, mage 76, monk 73
  4. Nothing really. My data was corrupted, and most jerkwads up here won't help me level even though they play it nearly 24/7....but my stats don't have any...retained my levels though
  5. I'll beat you down in multiplayer noob lol
  6. Which is better? Trying to decide What DLC I should purchase for better leveling. Or should stick with glitterhelm? What is a better opinion to you all? Though it's just 4 DLC I'm picky.
  7. I can do Respec, but even if I do put him to DPS I don't have any Dps items for him at all. I had previously had my data corrupted, so I'm basically in a ditch. ╮(╯_╰)╭
  8. 78 or 83 my squire is 76. I'm bummed out lately :(
  9. Can somebody, anybody, or something help me level up my Squire up? I really am desperate, so please can anyone help me?
  10. Thank you kind sir. I will add you in a bit
  11. I'm on on Ps3 by the way..Please post your psn id if you can
  12. What is up ladies and geckos, this is Kratosmd here! I finally decided to return to DD after 8 months, since my data was corrupted. Now, I'm back and ready to get back in the game! If, anyone could help donate some armor or weapons it'll be a huge help. I currently had no items, but my buddy gave me What he had to spare for my 78 Huntress. If anyone is kind enough to help a returning DD player out, then I will surely pay you back with whatever items I can scourge up. Thank you and peace be with you!
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