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  1. Would love a new code! Got lots of friends that come to LAN parties that don't own this yet (SHAME ON THEM!!!) and if I could give someone a copy that's one more person in Karathiki TD!
  2. Possible bug with phase shift overlord view -- unless I misunderstood its purpose. I was killed by a kobold explosion while in overlord mode because I was standing too near a wall trap.
  3. Yeah, that puts it past the impulse buy point for me, I'm already more than 40 bucks into this game, I don't want to disparage the work that they have done with the summoner but IMO I've paid for it.
  4. Yeah lame sauce... I'll be waiting to pick it up then until some sort of sale, they've gotten enough of my money for now.
  5. This. Especially when I'm looking for an AFK shop off DefendersStore.com, being able to search servers by name would be an incredible aid.
  6. Yeah, it appears to only be PS3. :/ Would be nice to have on PC (and other consoles for that matter)
  7. I'm opposed because all this does is support the over-inflated AFK shop economy. As it is, I've stopped using AFK shops all together, too many people are spending far too much on items driving up the cost ridiculously. If you have to ask more than 600 million for it, there's a problem with the perceived value and IMO you deserve to have it sit on your floor forever.
  8. I seem to recall reading about a suicide key on the wiki. Maybe "K"? I couldn't find anything on the wiki about it, and nothing in the controls configuration in-game or in the pre-game configuration menu :/
  9. I have on more than one occasion run into a glitch where I get stuck either on another player or a map bug, while it is rarely repeatable it often means the only way out is to either 1) Die or 2) drop and rejoin. Both of these are made worse when you are soloing on something like Uber Monster Fest on Hardcore... either one results in a complete loss. I propose there should be a "Stuck" command on the hero menu which will allow you to kill yourself and respawn (I certainly don't propose it be a free respawn!) so that when there is such an issue, you don't have to either pray your traps can ride out the rest of the game or wait until enough mobs gather to kill you and you lose anyway.
  10. You Figure 3 people helping you farm eggs, selling items in AFK shops overnight ='s at least 4 eggs a day. But seeing as how tomorrow is the last day, Goodluck! Might get lucky one day and find one in a shop. Short of the time, which you do acknowledge... every shop has humongous eggs for ridiculous prices (900mil mana or more, or they just say "send me a message on steam to offer"). My point is the rarity makes this a ridiculous goal, prices are too high this late in the game for people who are close but not quite there and the AFK shop economy has prices on almost everything inflated to a ridiculous degree.
  11. The game doesn't differentiate between reaching 25 and beating 25, it'll still show "best wave: 25". So you really can't tell unless he remembers. That's my point... they need to add some sort of indicator that says you beat wave 25.
  12. Easy way to track is to look at your highest wave when you are in the mission setup, it will be 25(30,35 depending on which map) if completed and lower if not. Any suggestions on my buddy's then? Like I said, his shows 25 as highest wave on every single campaign map, the only ones he hasn't completed survival on are the shards maps and I haven't either.
  13. I think I'm up to 23 humongous, and that's after starting and completing the Transcendent Survivalist achievement. Still have 13 to go with two days... yeah, not likely to happen. Kind of bummed that they time-limited this and made the drops so rare, I was hoping that doing 13 levels 25 waves of survival each would at least get me one and part way to enough eggs to give a buddy of mine so he could get one.
  14. Is there any way to track which level you're missing a victory on? My friend and I were working on this and he must have gotten disconnected on a few, all of his campaign levels (Deeper Wells through Glitterhelm) say that his highest wave is 25... I got it but he did not and our connection was shaky throughout. How do we tell what levels we are missing?
  15. got it downloaded but it shows me buy button.... damn trendy come on I bought the whole 12 euro pack.. Ditto, apparently steam isn't done with everything :/
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