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  1. Yay! thank you and yes the bundle seems good.
  2. Seven views and no one can quickly answer this ?, seems really strange I mean a F2P game using gems you would think the button would be right there in front of me, maybe it is and I am missing it but this just seems strange *holds up the "have gems want to use them" sign*
  3. This may seem like a really silly question but I have 6000+ gems and well I would like to throw 1500 of them at the abyssal lord but I see no "store" icon in game and if I press the store icon on the site it takes me to steam, so yes I must be dumb could some one please point me towards the location I click on that allows me to use my gems to buy the lord.
  4. Just to clarify, did you mean in strength, or in aesthetics? More magical in design better sound effects, balls of fire that looked really good, red flaming glow, bloom enough to light a map (not quite) and when you boosted it up it made everything burn :)
  5. Yes DD1 was overpowered but you worked damn hard and farmed a lot of equipment to get that gear, it felt really good and fun to one shot an ogre why ? because you worked through hundreds of hours of content bought all the dlc and worked at it over time. I am 200 hours into DD2 and in no way at any point did I feel rewarded for the work I put it, be in a month long quest or breaking into MM3 for the first time. the improvements in towers and gear was so incremental there was no OMG I got this weapon or oh $%&Y*( look at my towers now. Balance in a game does not mean weakening, As a single hero or four against 2000 enemies damn right I should have one hell of a big ass gun to face them with. DD1 also allowed you to tailor your fun, you could go through the campaign, do a challenge, do survival, challenge you wanted challenge ? turn on survival mode, tick hardcore, set it to Nightmare and then hit one of the hardest maps. You personally choose what kind of fun you wanted.
  6. Remember the weapons that were twice the size of your character so fun and ridiculous, all we can do is hope Trendy is reading this thread, I know it is not what they really want to hear with almost two years of effort into the game but DD1 walks all over this in terms of fun.
  7. All we can do is give feedback and make our voices heard after all we are not slamming the game we would love for DD2 to take the place of DD1 and I agree tweaks and improvements to DD1 would have with that solid foundation made a much better game than this.
  8. At first I thought I was the only one feeling like this but I have to agree with pretty much everything people have said, we all here because we really like Trendy and have sunk many hours into there games another issue is seemingly Trendy is trying to reinvent the wheel and what I mean is DD1 network code was not perfect but it worked DD1 revolutionary choice of play on a secure server or open "anything goes" was great as was the shops and steam integration the ability to drop your characters from secure servers onto your computer and play lan/crazy stuff if servers were down. DD1 Shops I mean yes the economy went down the toilet but still it was fun. DD1 the fun factor and innovation to the weapons looks and use. DD1 Survival mode, hardcore mode, ease of which to customize and change any mission to suit what you wanted to play. DD1 enemies, I mean those damn spiders they really did take away your comfort zone, Sharkens!!. DD1 Private tavern, I mean come on in DD1 your tavern was something to be proud of, so many visual rewards and so nostalgic when you come back and walk around remembering how you got each one.
  9. I think it is a trap that other games have fallen into, developers start to balance the game against the top 1% the ones that have a crew/clan/guild who farm items and live for new tactics, the ones that will beat any challenge and ace nightmare+++ and there is nothing wrong with those kind of people but it raises the risk vs reward curve so high that to most of the rest of us it is work not play. Trouble is even that top 1% will never be happy because no one can produce quality content at a rate they will not burn through. Look how quick the top guilds on Wow own a new expansion. The month long quest gives a pet whose stats seem completely random and I am sorry for that kind of work we deserve an uber pet or a super weapon or piece of equipment not a unique pet that can roll with such fun abilities like tower crit character crit. Even the lore does not really fit, we are so much more reduced in power from our younger versions in DD1 Hell if you take DD1 as happening when we were a lot younger then Squires should be dropping down Quad barrel cannons and mini-gun style harpoon throwers just based on the evolution and challenge of enemies and our apprentice should now be able to drop down multi elemental towers that fire gatlin like magic missiles and fireballs. (BTW the community patch for DD1 rocks jester is now fun as hell to play and solo viable) We play to have fun and I should not need to start up DD1 for that.
  10. Lets not forget pets, I took a 4 month break from DD1 to concentrate on DD2 after a couple of days back in DD1 I was running about grabbing mana when I noticed my pet was slaughtering enemies left and right, I just stood there and watched with a smile then thought about the pets in DD2 and :( I really want Trendy to Succeed and I have my defence council + collectors edition, happy to support them but in DD1 I felt and feel heroic in DD2 the word is Drudgery: dull, irksome, and fatiguing work : uninspiring or menial labor.
  11. Both myself and wife have decided that DD2 is just not as fun and engaging as the original and unfortunately it is hard to pick out the wrong decisions or qualities. Do not get me wrong DD2 is a good game I have 280 hours in the game and I know it is still alpha but it just feels like all the fun is draining out of the game and I do not think balancing will fix it. So let me try to break it down. The towers and effects in DD2 are a let down, compare any class on DD2 to its equivalent in DD1 and they are lacking, even just comparing the fireball tower of an apprentice is laughable. Weapons in DD1 are amazing and weird from grenade launchers to mini-guns, light sabres to staffs Sound effects, Graphics and explosions, when your lightning tower waists an ogre or a harpoon slaughters an enemy you actually feel powerful. Yes we had balance issues, cheating and problems but I just logged off DD1 after 25 survival rounds and have a smile on my face, it was fun and I felt like a defender and that didn't matter if I was in my Hunter, Mage or Summoner, I had forgotten the glee of seeing my Ogre pet wallop a troll across the map. While in DD1 I can solo with any class as a single player in DD2 I have to bring in many different chars, Monk for air defence and boosting/serenity, Squire for barriers, Mage with a frost build, Huntress Trap build and because of the Deck restraints I am left without a DPS character. While I do enjoy the extra strategies it has taken away from me being a kick ass Tower defence bad ass because I have to split my personality to succeed. At the same time monthly missions seemingly designed to cause burn out in casual players. I will keep an eye on DD2 and I really want to see it succeed but the simple fact is DD1 makes me feel like a bad ass DD2 makes me feel like a grind job or farmer.
  12. Not as far as we know unless a major issue comes up which can not be solved any other way.
  13. I have an old apprentice level 50 but he has no frost items and is too weak to take to public games sadly
  14. Hello, Looking for advice strategies and help to get past the point myself and wife are at. We both have huntress dps characters ipwr roughtly 250-260, she has a blockade squire 89k hp level 1 I have a seperate huntress trap 270 ipwr (plus elemental chaos) and an aura monk 250 ipwr We can do the first map but everything else in nightmare kicks our ass no matter what tactic we try, thus we are not getting any better equipment to improve ourselves so we can take the bigger maps. (both of us having to use our dps huntress to scrape through thus most equipment is for them not the squire equipment probably needed. We usually go blockade, elemental traps serenity aura (purge evil). Have been trying all weekend but on any other map with higher loot ipwr chances but we usually get wasted by 5/7. Advice is greatly appreciated and or help (we are gmt uk).
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