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  1. i havent played this game in atleast 3 months. what has changed? whats good? whats bad?
  2. I have a 82^ Qi :-) very nice find! :) level 83 req?
  3. anybody else with high ^ toys? lol
  4. Nice find! :) does it have all 4 twr stats.? My host was TwinMethod. btw, mine started with 26 twr dmg. What about yours? my host was titodaddy and my tower damage started at 27 lol so we would have ended exactly the same :) lol
  5. nice gab! and whitey is your lvl req for 83 also?
  6. so any others higher than 80 or 81 out there? lol
  7. I did i just got a srg junabo yes but u also get the ogres childhood toy which is the normal challange reward for the map
  8. I got an 81^ ogre childhood toy with 4 twr stats when i did the event yesterday. Double reward !!! ;) nice we are in the same boat! :) who was your host?
  9. yeah, that's really good man. 80 upgrades is rare... maybe they're be higher grade weapons with the EX mode (insane+). right now weapons outside of morrago right now don't go much higher then level 80. I think mine is like a 60 or something... yeah exactly. I didnt realize it was that rare
  10. I randomly did this challenge a couple weeks ago and got one with 52^. 80's pretty sweet. lol thank you :)
  11. jees well just in general has anyone got anything better than 80?
  12. Well looks like you got more than just sgt jumbo lol yeah
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