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  1. dont you have to have atleast medium for the costume?
  2. sorry to break your discussion.... but in patch D they said this: 7.36d * Talay Mines Survival spawn counts lowered to the appropriate levels of other maps * Fixed issue where Bowling Ball projectiles could appear to not pass through Reflection Walls on Clients * Talay & other 6-player Maps Pure Strategy now correctly supports 6 Players * Fixed an error case where Multiplayer Lobbies weren't being shut down properly. Can resolve "Failed to create game" & "Failed to join game" errors.
  3. looks nice this map has way toooooo [SIZE=1]little[/SIZE] DU imo
  4. nah practically the only dps on ogres we had was our own xD the mm were doing nothing
  5. i see a problem... northern wyverns. from what ive seen they come in from the northwest somewhere. though they could come from that western spawn, idk. and also i think wyverns go to forge crystal, which has nothing to cover it (except minions ofcourse) and same with southwest crystal
  6. DD planner is out, can you place it up on there?
  7. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?59504-GUIDE-Transcendent-Survivalist-Layouts-Screenies try these they work amazingly well
  8. just to tell everyone, this build did have crystal damage, we had 6 people, and we were each dpsing each choke. there WILL BE better builds. this was just the one that we used to get through nightmare. we did this during 7.36A... before they gave us more building time, but 3 of us got kicked and we lost. then we beat it on 7.36 B. this was BEFORE DD planner came out, so we were doing this in the small amount of time we got during build phase (though we did loose about 30 times... lol) that was just to note :P i saw a different build go up and it seemed pretty nice, you may want to try that i
  9. so we beat the campaign. what we did is we had electric and str dr auras at each choke with a gas trap and wall. we also had 1 magic missile tower at each choke, a few 2 and i think 1 fireball and 1 harpoon somewhere. there were 3 archers and a mage at each choke. it was rough but we got through it!
  10. So, me and a bunch of friends have been trying for over 2 hours and havent found a build. we did get past wave one ONCE, but then died. if anyone has any suggestions for first wave and then the ending build, please post so everyone can see. i know some people have done it, because, for one, this page: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?64582-The-pet-rock So, if anyone has any tips, please tell and help out everyone :P
  11. I believe the code only works when the DLC is actually released. Hax? the DLC ISSSS out... we just cant buy it yet!!! http://store.steampowered.com/news/8113/ it came out with the new patch... and even valve is saying its out. we just have to flame steam to let us buy it now 0.o
  12. D: this is a dissapointment! trendy just go and make your own "friend" system and launcher and what not so we can all be happy and the dlcs and stuff be released when you want them to!! :P sorry just mad at steam for being crap
  13. just saying, with stats like yours, all you need is like 3 harps with a buff beam thru them for each choke. then you just afk till the boss and boom your done -.- the harps act as walls and the ogres die fast enough that they dont do too much damage to em. but looks nice for if you have lower stats and need to farm up other chars :P
  14. i agree with what zing had to say i dont even modify the builds for them, i just put 3-4 archers on the walls and have magestack on whatever buff beams i can :P
  15. one thing about this that kandar pointed out about maka's old build: on the south crystal, if you have mix mode, you may want to move the harpoons back to where maka had them, because wyverns could get through and knock the crystal if your not careful
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