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  1. So, working on a Switch primary version you could port to XB1 and PS4 wasn't viable given the hardware limitations. As stated above, DunDef is one of my all time favorite games, and I've also been gaming since original arcades & Atari 2600. I don't think I'll join another crowd funding venture again. By the time this releases on PS4, I'll be six months deep into my PS5 and completely forgotten about DDA for the third time since originally donating. I'll cut you guys some slack, since I'm busy with Demon's Souls. Finish your spit shine and deliver a functional product before your console fan base quits caring.
  2. Having this same issue on PS3 right now. Guess I'll try the 'solution' posted above.
  3. I missed my invite by about an hour. I was hoping to be off work in time, but I was unable to attend at the time. This is officially the first event I registered for but did not receive the reward...and it's my own fault. Thank you for all your hard work coordinators and hosts.
  4. I just got a 103^ Soul Focuser for Hero Level 83 from Insane+.
  5. I just got a 103^ Soul Focuser for Hero Level 83 from Insane+.
  6. xNOxONEx did a great job as my alternate host on Friday. He thoroughly explained the rules before we started, and it was extremely enjoyable. It got kinda hairy on the first wave, but after we rebuilt and got some Magic Missiles out, it went much smoother.
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