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  1. My point exactly. You are far from the most diverse country in the world. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    You probably tried it in the wrong context. Hence, how could you say it tastes like garbage?

    Fine, I won't say that it tastes like garbage, but I do not enjoy the taste. I like water, and that's not covered in sugar. You were ignorant in the fact that "If its not covered in sugar it must be garbage" Thats like saying from my view "If it tastes like garbage, Australians would probably enjoy it." See my point.
  2. I expect that kind of ignorance from Americans. Because, hey, if it isn't covered in sugar it must be garbage, right?


    /so way off topic

    Yess, because us Americans are sooooooooo ignorant. We are probably the most diverse people throughout the world. We're not ignorant because we don't like things. That doesn't make me ignorant. I know I don't like that because I tried it.
  3. I still don't see why you are charging people for helping. Seems the opposite of helping the community :/

    Well, lets see here. Giraffes are going to be round 25 in the next patch, so therefore that's going to cut time off. Also, how hard is it to survive 25 rounds on Easy? Pure Strategy even. Its not that hard to get a Giraffe/Kairy. Honestly, it helps the community when they don't even have to work for it and you get a level 30 weapon every time. I don't know how many times I have done Misty and gotten a crappy weapon. Therefore, this helps. A LOT!
  4. Normally we tell your friend to invite you. If he nor the host did then you should get in next..Sorry but we are somewhat backed up and trying to get people in as fast as we can.. If you do not get in post again soon. I will get you in. What is your number?

    Im number 39.
  5. This is not a black and white topic. I can totally understand frustrations about trading, hence why I don't trade at all (before you all say, I don't have all the event weapons, in fact I am missing quite a few of them including Jr Judge, Sr Judge, Chi Blast!, Bound for Earth etc).

    You are not permitted to call others out at all- we just can't trust everyone not to take advantage of this and blame innocent parties. If you have proof, send it to me. I have banned people before because of it.

    What do you mean, banned from the forums or from the actual game....?
  6. I think it would be awesome if a select group of people from the Legitimate Traders Group had PVR's (or other recording devices) and when someone wanted to make a trade of 2 or more event weapons, they could message a member of the group to oversee & record the transaction.

    If the same trader is caught trading dupes more than twice, the video goes to TE to punish that person or give the group permission to call out/make a list w/ their name on it here, and the person who lost their stuff might be reimbursed by TE.

    This is all just wishful thinking though.

    I have a PVR. Its not HD though, but yeah. I have one.
  7. But then what if people say other people are dupers and its not true

    If 1 person just says that they dupe, then thats not enough evidence. We need to look further into the statement to actually come to conclusions. Were not going to turn it into a blame game. WE're going to make sure people don't get scammed for the umpteenth time so that the community isn't garbage.
  8. Honestly though, whats going to happen to the player. Probably nothing, they will just keep on doing their thing, whether its scamming people, dupping weapons, etc. I dont see why we can't callout someone if we know what they are doing is wrong. I know that you trade at your own risk. But honestly, this community is messed up. Trendy probably won't do a thing about it either. Its sorta Trendy's fault for not discovering it sooner and putting a stop to it, but then again we have people that take advantage of the faults of Trendy. This is why I think this is probably the worst community I have ever seen. I cant even make a decent trade without worrying if the weapon will disappear, and I probably wont get it back because the person that traded with me is a little douche and thinks that hes soo cool cause he outsmarted someone. Whoever dupes weapons is a pathetic person in the first place, because its sad how you cant actually get some event weapons yourself and have to duplicate your own and pass them on as a legitimate thing. All I can really say is that I hate our community, becuase its just pathetic in my own mind.

    *Note: These our my beliefs, and my opinions. Not everyone agrees with the same thing.
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