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  1. Since I was able to make it to last Saturday, if we had the event, and wasn't able to make it for today, can I get the event weapon? Just wondering because I was all ready for it, and was on this weeks list.

    If not, could I possibly trade one of you hosts for it, since I was not able to make it....?
  2. Usually the best huntress weapons are a blasticus from assault insane or a gossamer from misty insane they both get about 4000+ damage

    Ps make sure to upgrade shots per second on them

    Adding on to this, the gossamer should be 6 shots a second and the blasticus should have 9-10 shots a second.

    Adding on to this, the gossamer should have 6 shots per second and
  3. So, Wit all of these Mistymire runs, I thought I would do Glitterhelm instead. Its mainly going to be powerlevelimg people since thats the only reason I think to do it or for the weapon.

    Here are my rules/requirements and what you will be getting from it:
    1. You don't have to do anything. Half the time my friend does nothing everytime I run it and nothing bad happens.
    2. I will give you the weapon in the end. I will play any character you want in the end. Just note that I play as my huntress usually for the rounds because its easier to take down the ogre's.
    3. Don't touch the treasure chests! If I dont like the armor, you can go ahead and have it. Just note that this is my only pet pieve/requirement.

    Information on when I will be doing these will come later on, so stay tuned.
  4. I'm ... confused.
    So trading is bad & douchey?

    Thanks for your time.

    Im not saying that. Theres just a bumch of scamming on this game. Therefore I want them to put something about how their multiplayer is broken. Basically, anyone with PS+ can dupe their items, making them fake. I just feel that we should warn people about this.
  5. Shouldn't there be a disclosure on the game that warns people about the online interactions, or have I not put enough attention into the viewing. I just think that "we" the community, should warn new people from the "D-Bags" that give the community a bad name for itself. I don't want random people joining the game and then quit it because no one told them or warned them from these imteractions. This is a great game, and I want it to be known, but there should be warnings.
  6. PS3 has the "Underground Dupe Ring" and the 360 has the "Black Market". Ironic that even in video games we have some type of corruption and I do not mean File.

    Lol. Its just the community. There's aleays going to be people that enjoy munipulating some small thing on a game. Its just both funny amd pathetic that they can't play the game fairly.
  7. Sorry. This is wrong. I'm not sure you know how cloud saves work. Or maybe I haven't explained it correctly.

    Ok, so picture a save file on the cloud, but absolutely no save file on the console. You can't back it up, which means you can't restore it. It eliminates duping.

    The perfect example is PC ranked play on TrendyNet. The save is 100% online, and can not be moved locally.

    Hope that's a little more clear :)

    Then why didn't Trendy make it online storage only. Did they not how to do it. Or is it something thats way too complicating. If it is too complicated, I can give multiple examples of some games that can cloud save through PSN without local console.
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