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  1. Blade has a point that no one over looks. This weapon is a high five, therefore it has a limited amount of range unlike the Rapier and other big weapons. There is a reason why this is overpowered. Now if it was a rapier, then we would have to jumble the stats a little bit.
  2. Well you gotta try :P You fail. You were supposed to continue the lyrics.
  3. zelda because she reminds me of KATNISS The girl that played Katniss also played that one girl where they go into the closet. Yeah, she's normal.
  4. Pokemon. I prefer Pokemon, and I will tell you why. Pokemon is the most awesome game I have ever played. I L.A.R.P. quite frequently and I do enjoy playing as either Ash or a pokemon itself. The Japanese have perfected the art of pokemon, and I congratulate them.
  6. Where oh where has my little Starbeast gone, oh where oh where could he be.
  7. I eat my turtles yummy I enjoy the Turtle Soup. Turtle Soup = Yum!
  8. Okay, So you're saying that the whole first round is going to be today.... Am I correct?
  9. There should be more thanks Dredd's, if it weren't for him the Winter Events wouldn't have started in the first place. Sorry, but since he's associated with Xbox, thats why. Plus, some of us dont know behind that stuff.
  10. I've been duped 8 times with a soda and 2 times with the elf those dupers are ruining the community How many times have you been duped? Offtopic, whats your new PSN name, I want to add you
  11. These are not the events you are looking for.
  12. just host your own game and im sure you will find a reason to kick someone. 2 reasons i kick someone in mistymire is selling my huntress traps to be replaced by a low attack slice n dice or im helping someone power level and they request to have the other player kicked for less mob Same. Thats the only reason for kicking, or I just dont want them in my lobby for more people. Im not mean, its just that if I have 2 people already in there, I let them put in another controller for the extra weapon. Simple as that. Also, if you come into Misty and you're level 30, comback when you get more level
  13. Umm...the cheap knock-offs are higher in base damage then the Soul Focuser...SF only exceeds in elem dmg. Whoever said that we need a sarcasm font is totally right. Shadow is only joking.
  14. 1080 base I think, 8 shots per second, 60 clip. What is it worth, like a perfect weapon and something else...?
  15. The generoc soul focusers are hella rare, and are pretty good. I have a better one then the soul focuser itself.
  16. Yea i heard that deathdealer guy is pretty awesome too lol :) Brown noising Deathdealer...... Thats my job.
  17. Will we have to meet in the middle, and what happens if we kill you, or are you going to stay hidden?
  18. Anyways, we could play sometime. Rumour has it though that Im homosexual, so I wont be hitting on you.
  19. Yea i wasn't going to be able to make it this week but i was last on TwinMethod's list so it worked :) But i can still help you buy one. What do you want to give for one? I was going to offer only a clean Big momma and a dirty one, because I thought there were more of these then the mommas.
  20. Darn. I could have made it last week. Just my luck that when I can actually make it, they dont do it that week.
  21. Well hold on for that thought, because Capt said the events werent over. So I wondering if they are still sending out invites....?
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