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  1. Like no one ever was
    To catch them is my real test
    To train them is my cause

    I will travel across the land
    Searching far and wide
    Teach Pokemon to understand'
    The power that's inside
  2. Nice :)

    and by the way... I consider the US my homeland even though the peeps that came before me hail from the East. If that answers your question.

    OMG This guys a North Korean. EVERYBODY RUN FOR THEIR LIVES!!!!!!!
  3. The dude did go crazy in asia. That guy was nutz! People remember you when you're crazy. Ya see?

    I guess being an american taco lord has it's perks also eh?

    Yes, yes he did.

    I am the king of Taco Bell. Here me ROAR!
  4. you did not message me on PSN to do a run, you cannot simply join when i'm with 3 other people because that is not how i do my runs, a simple 1on1 with me and i would of helped you. but i'm sorry that i did that.

    Don't be sorry because he never scheduled a time. Its his own fault.
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