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  1. I went to glitterhelm. Thats where its at bro!
  2. Bouncers werent really nerfed. Mine still do like 5 k damage.
  3. So far I have required a 58 level up Plate Coat. What have you guys seen?
  4. My heart will go on. But in a serious note, hope he gets better bro.
  5. Yeah, this happens all the time for some reason.
  6. Craigslist bro, or pull a part/pick a part.
  7. The second best ones are where he continues the song into them.
  8. Sorry for not watching pokemon. You were probably sheltered from it. Its okay to feel sad.
  9. Like no one ever was To catch them is my real test To train them is my cause I will travel across the land Searching far and wide Teach Pokemon to understand' The power that's inside
  10. Nice :) and by the way... I consider the US my homeland even though the peeps that came before me hail from the East. If that answers your question. OMG This guys a North Korean. EVERYBODY RUN FOR THEIR LIVES!!!!!!!
  11. :D I LOOVE YOU TOO!! I actually ended up watching the clip on youtube of it! I was a happy camper ! hahaha I don't know why we aren't friends on PSN. I shall shoot you a friend request soon!!!!!
  12. -_- a tie with americantacolord lol tiny rapier FTW I was badly lagging. So were you.
  13. oh **** i is nervous Your going down!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Im an apprentice right now at Taco Time. It will soon be mine.
  15. The dude did go crazy in asia. That guy was nutz! People remember you when you're crazy. Ya see? I guess being an american taco lord has it's perks also eh? Yes, yes he did. I am the king of Taco Bell. Here me ROAR!
  16. Well, he did dominate southern Asia. WOOT WOOT. GO Mongols!!
  17. If only-but no it doesn't have an effect <0. The most realistic you'd see is the weapon not having knockback in the first place. Well, its something of a negative feature for the weapon. Like in TF2, there is a gun balance that is out of control.
  18. Was Ghengis Kahn at one point in time ever dominating your home country?
  19. Where are people getting the idea that negative knockback would do anything? With negative knockback, we hope to when we hit a simple monster we will push it into our character ultimately making a black hole and crashing the game.
  20. she's also that girl who plays mystique in x-men first class. omg genioussssssssssssssssssssssss.
  21. Hmmmmmm interesting. Very insightful you are. Are you asian by chance?
  22. High five also has a slightly faster attack rate than a rapier also, I would keep that in mind. The only problem is that it has no range thats why it can have a greater base damage.
  23. you did not message me on PSN to do a run, you cannot simply join when i'm with 3 other people because that is not how i do my runs, a simple 1on1 with me and i would of helped you. but i'm sorry that i did that. Don't be sorry because he never scheduled a time. Its his own fault.
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