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  1. I feel the same way. This Knight just stood in a incursion hard liferoot and did nothing, while we upgrade and stuff like that. His name had to do with iC@ntAim or something like that. But yeah, we had to wait a long time just because of that. Also, the whole wasted mana is kinda ridiculous.
  2. I've been playing both of them. I actually got on ps3 today and did a couple matches :) Wait, what's your steam name? I'll add you if you don't mind, then we can play again sometime!
  3. Yes sir i am :) of course i remember you. How have you been? Played Dd lately? Ummm been playing the second one right now. Probably going to finish this out then get everything for the first one on PC and start it again. Have you been playing the second one, or strictly the first?
  4. Dude, you're a mod on here. Holy. LMAO, I literally don't know if you remember me, but my PSN is americantacolord, dude, just wow. I mean, if you remember who TaveeUpInLinda is then you should remember me.
  5. exactly what it means..i'd help the community with the levels they found difficult...something i use to to. :) I just came on here today because I was wondering if Dupes were still being spread like wildfires. But yeah Blade, I miss you. ME, you, shadow, and anybody else were the best with each other. You should add me back on psn.
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