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  1. FYI https://www.humblebundle.com/store/p/dungeondefenders_storefront
  2. Hey there, I'm fairly new to dungeon defenders and I see friends of mine with a 2 billion mana cap, but Whenever I get more than 600 million mana, thats all that I can get. I was wondering if I had to do certain achievements, or what can I do to make it so I can have more than 600 million mana in my bank. You can create mana tokens from the services menu at tavern keeper. If you sell mana tokens when you have for example 600m mana in bank the token value will be added to your bank amount. That way you can get mana in your bank over the 600m soft limit and up to 2 billion hard limit. Mana to
  3. At the moment the discount is 85%. No tinkerers lab but all other dlc's seem to be included
  4. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/p/dungeondefenders_storefront Just in case someone needs it :) Part of humblebundles spring sale.
  5. I finished it with a bunch of randoms (miraculously). We had a hybrid huntress who laid down traps; those lasted like 30 seconds until djinn unsummoned them, but she just kept running around continuously laying them. This sounds familiar. Are you sure it was a huntress and not a hybrid ranger in an outlander suit? If it was a ranger, then it probably was me :) I got lag killed at end of the last wave, but we had enough dps to kill the bosses at that point. For others, using a hybrid ranger dropping couple of gas traps and lots of proxies at the right places on the map works pretty well in
  6. I think it is sad people feel the need to check everyone that enters their game. To check everyone seems to assume that most people hack. I dont usually check unless I see a reason to. I guess my main point was that I am not happy with the "fix". I was trying to turn the negative thing into a positive one by thinking about the change from a different angle :) I don't have a habbit of checking automatically peoples gear and I can only wonder how you got that impression from my comment. My comment was mostly referred to Eagle One's comment for him to look at the bright side of the change - t
  7. Well, I look at it this way: Trendy released a new game mode called "Hunt the cracker!" Have fun chasing your cheating fellow players who think they are now able to safely use whatever gear they like! :) I just hope Trendy would give some nice rewards for the one who catches the most ;)
  8. you get extra space when you get the Ultimate Defender achievement: http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Ultimate_Defender
  9. If you have not managed to do this achievement yet, you can use controllers instead of real players too. The extra toons need to be present for the final wave of the map, so you can setup the defences solo before adding extra toons before last wave begins. There are also emulators for extra controllers if you don't have them. Hope this helps :)
  10. Not sure if this is mentioned but adding some filters to the map overlay would make grinding easier. I would like to be able to toggle of enemy types, defences and items by their quality (e.g. myth, green items, trans, sup, ult). This would make seeing possible good gear after waves easier and would save me a lot of time when running a survival.
  11. I've been thinking about giving us the option to hide our stats from players. Done in such a way that they can still see what a person is wearing on a char, but it's stats do not show. (only individual stats, total stats still show) The reason i was still thinking about this is because with explosive growth of hacking in this game, playing an online game with random people has become completely impossible. The chances of your hard-worked gear being duped have increased significantly over the past few months. So much even that most of us had to make alternative chars with trans pieces, just t
  12. I tested the kicking ratio and noticed that I got kicked out of all the games I tried to join during last three days. No reason was given why. I created a new jester to upgrade defences and was level 78. My main stats were around 2000+. This is really bad. I will just block all communication with all players who kick people for no reason as I see this apropriate. I just hope that some of the host read this forum and understand that when the real tough challenges come ahead, they might need help themselves...
  13. I hate it when people join my nm games but they randomly press G when I didn't even start to build yet. There should be a full on tutorial on how to play the game right. Well, accidents happen too. I mostly use social pressure to taunt the player with sentences like:"Oh, man, you just killed us all! Game over man, gamer over... :)" The main thing is to make the player understand what went wrong, so that the thing does not happen again so easily. By kicking the player, the same could happen again in the next game. I also point the player to forums and give links to guides. Sometimes I also
  14. I can already do Throne Room NMHC Survival. :eek: If you are having trouble with Lab Assault doing Throne Room NMHC Survival is a good option too. You can get your main stats to around 1500-2000 range (without accessories) though you should use Summoner as active toon to get only armour drops. From there you can go to Misty or Aqua.
  15. I have had similar problems with public games, it is unfortunately pretty common practice to kick people out too easily. Last time I was building Sky O'Love map and I was kicked out. The host somehow thought that I was killing the gender pairs though I was not :) It is also pretty easy to get kicked out just because your build is not familiar to the host. Or then the host stops the run as soon as the crystal gets a little damage... Lots of hosts who don't know what they are doing also out there :) I mostly do hosting myself because of the problems I have had in random games. I don't kick out
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