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  1. I built everything and shadow did nothing. He got that wep cause of me. Thank me, shadow. Thank me!!! Thx tavee Im surprised with your great set up and awesome characters you hadnt beaten it before
  2. Just got a 154 up apprentice weapon from moraggo insane It has 7004base +22 charge and +5 projectile It does over 1 million dps Just wanted to let you guys know and was wondering what was the highest up you can get [IMG][/IMG] with monk boost
  3. Hey blade thx for the run was very proffesional , smooth and we did the board pretty fast. Overall a great job hosting? Good luck with you runs in the future
  4. Question where did younget all your event weapons
  5. Yeah he always cracks me up! sounds like an awesome teacher i'm jealous! :) Hoppy Easter Guuuuiiiissseee!! :) [video=youtube_share;PXkp4vmJth8]http://youtu.be/PXkp4vmJth8[/video] I see what you did there
  6. How about a give you a real soul focuser and ill get rid of that cheap knockoff you have
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