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  1. The Frying Pan from TF2. With flavor text like "A cooking instrument favored by many demolitionist cyclops". SPANG!
  2. spiders were too weak to reliably do much (compared to their MU cost). Really? I liked using spiders. They're especially useful when breaking into nightmare, or in late NM stuff, since they cut the damage that Ogres/copter Ogres do, as well as increase your effective DPS on affected mobs, which is fantastic.
  3. Goblin Copters shouldn't be able to perfectly thread missiles under a reflect beam with about 1-2 feet of space between it and the minions/defenses behind it and still hit the minions/defenses. Missiles from copters should always be heading downward except in the first second of it's life. Considering they hit absurdly hard, and copters drop mega Ogres in the map, this seems like a fair tradeoff for them. DSTs should ignore copter flares. They're an underused tower in NM, and since they're about large precise hits, giving them the ability to ignore flares like minions do would make them load
  4. Heard a little late about the whole DD2 pre-alpha thing, and figured I'd give a write up on what I felt DD1 did right, what it did wrong, and what Trendy can learn from it to make DD2 fantastic, and get input from other community members on these points, and bring up more. Also, it's great to see Iamisom's back. :D A little background on my DD experience, though. I bought DD1 and the shards dlc about... halfway between Mistymire's release, and Moraggo's. This was when Nightmare assault was insanely difficult. I initially played locally, co-oping with my brother. Was tons of fun! barely made
  5. (wow, I just looked up and there are over 45 people in the tim hortons line...) That's the most Canadian thing I've read today. Yes I know there are Tim Hortons in the US.
  6. All in due time! You can really solve it by adding Pie charts! :D
  7. They can, and sometimes will. You do need reflects for safety. It could also be gold orcs that somehow ignore Gas traps and ensnare, even while in a strength drain aura. I've lost because of that several times. :(
  8. Congrats, and welcome to the club! There's cookies and punch in the back!
  9. South is usually scratched by archers if your auras are too small/weak, or by gold birds. To combat the gold birds, I use my EV's shock beams. They do quite a bit of damage, and hit aerial targets. It really helped combat those pesky things.
  10. We'll be talking to Valve at GDC about getting Dungeon Defenders II on Steam. We've already spoken briefly and it's something we both (and of course, you all) want :). Thank you! :D I'd really love to have all my games in one area! <3 I don't think that Playverse is necessarily competing with steam. Like a lot of Steam games, you need to make an account on another network to play it. But it is still on Steam. Any forum moderators wanna chime in? We really want to know! That's true. Maplestory and Vindictus are on steam, and both require you to have a Nexon account (passport I think t
  11. What

    Wave Replay

    I would love this. I've only had 2 random one-shots in DD1, but they still make me wonder how it happened. I'd love to be able to have tools to help refine my builds. Even if it's optional.
  12. No. I like to play solo, and if I can't use all the characters I have, then I can't exactly do much, can I? I play solo because I like to be able to pause. I do play with others, but not very often, and generally only with friends. I hate playing with randoms. I have met some cool people through random games, but I have met more vile people than nice people. Restricting character swapping is an illogical and stupid restriction. Not everyone wants to play with others, and not everyone has all the characters that may be needed for a build. Rather, making gameplay require more activity from the
  13. Unless it's been there since forever and I'm blind, they added "Press Start" under the launch button on the launcher.
  14. Yea I no lifed DD1, good times though. 337 hours. That's not no life. I'm 968 hours of DD1. You still have a life. Run, while you still have it! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!
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