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  1. Heres one I thought of: Is there any hidden Easter Eggs that haven't been found yet?
  2. Sign me up. I love it when people do stuff like this. Really puts the Dungeon Defenders Community above the rest. I've just checked through the thread and I've already seen many people with <20 posts. I guess some people can't read. Also I've saw a few who just joined the forums today, 19th August..... People are making double accounts.
  3. Have you tried it on Survival. If so, how far did you get?
  4. What is making me question it being released today is that the patch notes haven't been updated yet
  5. The post above by DinJoh. This is some great advice that you should follow. He has explained everything that is needed for Nightmare and explained what each characters towers are there for. Follow the advice of getting a Tower Squire, Tower Monk and Tower Huntress. Level them to 74. Get them some gear. Then you might be able to progress further into the game.
  6. Nightmare is supposed to be the Hardest difficulty in the game. It will have ALL enemies, which have been buffed in Strength, HP and Speed. There are also higher numbers of Harder mobs (Ogres, Spiders, Djinn etc...). It is supposed to be hard. It it wasn't, then what would be the point in playing if you can just breeze through the whole game. Also, your only playing with a Apprentice and Huntress........ ?..... If you want to play Nightmare Campaign, you need a Tower Squire, Tower Monk, Tower Apprentice and Tower Huntress, then you might also want a DPS class, preferably Monk. Then you ne
  7. Ones I use and are equipped: Tower Squire Tower Summoner DPS Monk Tower Initiate Tower Huntress Waller EV Tower EV Tower Apprentice And soon to be...... Jester And then my Naked unequipped Heroes: DPS Hunter DPS Barbarian DPS/Waller Countess DPS Adept
  8. I've update the OP with my solution to the farming problem Here it is Obviously, this would make getting the rewards a bit easier, so to fix this, if you don't start at wave 1, the reward quality would be a lot lower, maybe change the rewards quality to the next difficulty. So playing on Nightmareand starting on a different plane, would get you a insane reward instead of Nightmare. This would prevent people farming the best rewards. Do you think this would solve the problem? Oh, I also got a reply from Hit, he said that he has passed this onto the Dev team. Hopefully something comes fro
  9. Okay, how about we change it so the reward quality is lower, possibly a lot lower if you don't start at wave 1? That would give people average rewards, so you can get much better rewards elseware This would solve the problem of it being easily farmed? Wouldn't it?
  10. All we can do is hope, we did eventually get choose a wave for survival so only time will tell. I really want a Trendy response to this, to see if they are considering it or not, but they never look in the Suggestions thread. I'm going to send Hito, Jer, and Tsuda a private message asking them to check out this thread, but whether they do or not.... I don't know
  11. I did a Servants Quarter Survival NM HC run, 16-25, for the Transcendent Survivalist achievement a minute ago, and I manage to get 37million XP for just over an hours work. You get just over 3 mil a wave, increasing in the higher levels. So 37 Million XP / 65 mins = About 600,000 per/min You could get more, but I didn't avoid damage, or have an AFK who only used weapon damage
  12. If people disagree, can you please post why so we can see what's wrong with the idea Or is it just the people with 4k stats who think its a breeze
  13. Hopefully Trendy look at this thread and maybe add it to game. Keep on voting everyone!! Let's get this noticed
  14. I've already got the achievement, but I think it's great when someone helps out the community like this, hope everyone gets the help they need with this
  15. It's the last achievement I need as well and I agree with this but also they could do something to where if you lose you can restart 1 wave back, like let's say if you on The final boss you die, so you go back to boss rush wave then back to final boss. Just some form of an idea to not have to waste hours of our life doing the same thing over n over again just for nothing in return. Well you do get one thing, screwed by the RNG and get a crappy wep, but.... I don't want to talk about that here. Once i beat this map, I will probably never do it again, it's just a endless time waste at the mom
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