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  1. They are almost certainly not hacked as they are pretty low lvl myth As for hacking in ranked....its still going on but trendy do seem to be at least trying to stop it now, but if your dead against hacked stuff I would avoid the ingame afk shop as there are a lot of hacked items in there
  2. go to aquanos ..... I was trying to do misty and couldnt get past wave 23 and got about 6 trans items (none of which were much good) from about 25 runs now i do aquanos and can last till wave 22 solo and have found about 50 trans items and about 10 supreme including a supreme sea sword with 286 ups definatly go to aqua
  3. For squire/apprentice tower builds should I mainly focus attack and speed (AoE at all)? For waller can I use a squire until I get EV and then put all puts into tower health? For a boost EV what stats should I use? The boost monk seems simple enough for the stats, but what about traptress? What is good for a dps character? What is the max amount of stats I can use and what is the max for each individual placement? 1. Yes don't worry about aoe it will sort itself out 2. Again yes you can use a squire but ev is. So good as a waller and with boost beams thrown. In worth buying as
  4. Towers have the stats of the builder and not whatever character is active (but there is a active builder bonus not sure of %) And Seriously buy ev she is soooo worth it and turn her into a wallet putting all stats into tower hp Make a squire builder which you will want to focus mostly on tower attack and tower speed Then make an aura monk focusing mostly on tower range and tower hp This should be enough to get into nightmare after which you will want a trapstress a boost monk and a dps charecter You might also want to invest a tenner in the shards pack as it adds a lot of content Oh
  5. I played on ps3 till I got all trophies then bought the pcversion version......... The pc version is solo much better with tons more content and hundreds of hours more gameplay, but be prepared to put in a lot more time especially when you start nightmare as at that stage myths with 100 upgrades take some time to fil
  6. I don't think trendy are doing anything about hackers to be honest. How hard is it to stop the use of the hacking program everybody uses, these people arnt actually hacking anything its more like an action replay program and trendy don't seem to be making any effort to stop them. Also the particle effects on flame trap..........so many complaints and not a word from trendy, surely they can spare 5 mins to at least comment on the subject
  7. Just wondered how much / if the loot on moraggo is better than mistymire And could someone give me a link to a good survival setup that doesn't require a mage
  8. I found out you could turn both of those off in the same day. It was a glorious day. Same. I didn't know you could switch either off until I kept dying on omf because I couldn't see anything due to screen shake and asked the host, it was a good day lol
  9. I will help you out as I came from the ps3 (after getting the platinum) and found that the pcversion was a lid different and way better ........ Feel free to add me my steam. Id is codnan3 Can probably lvl you and help with a bit of manna and items
  10. Try mages quarters again but this time start on the bottom wave then when you get to wave 10 your towers will almost be completely lvld up to 3 stars which will double or more there dps......then you should have no problem getting past wave 10 but everybody else is right in the what you need to do is use your builder to set up towers on insane glitterhelm and then switch to another character lvling them (you should also be able to join other people's glitterhelm insane as many people do it just to lvl up) get your event to at leastenough to use boost beams and also a monk will help with mqges
  11. If he. Is using a gamepad there is a small problem with repairing auras...... My pad will auto target the most damaged thing so slot of the time you can just press left on the day pad then a button and will repair the most damaged thing but with auras you have to press left then move the repair receptacle or it will not target the aura, this isn't a major issue but if you are trying to repair fast can be annoying and take 3 times as long to find the aura especially if it's under other traps
  12. What's the min stats for a mage for the primary build I have been trying a modified version of the secondary build and haven't managed to get past 23 mostly get killed on22 and I have been using a barb 2.5 million dps as active
  13. I would say they're similar not so much in gameplay (altho the point and click monster killing is similar) but more in the fact that the hooks (what makes you spend hundreds or hours doing the same thing over and over just to get slightly better stuff) are identical, being randomized stats, unique items that have you always looking forward to the next bit of loot But the way this poll is looking I think trendy should be worried as d3 is beating dd on its own forums populated mostly by dd addicts like myself
  14. I agree with everything said...I love inferno traps but they are a liability and a graphical issue even with an i5 2500k at 4ghz and a 5830 which this game should be no problem for I don't understand why trendy won't do anything about this everyone is complaining and they haven't even commented on a single thread ( someone from trendy could at least say if anything is going to happen and why )
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