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  1. Well yea that was never a discussion. Lol
  2. It's pretty much official now right? Lol. Sad to see so many defenders displaced by the shutdown. I'm sure most got more than $15 worth of gaming in though. For new people I guess you are just s.o.l.
  3. Wow this topic is insane. Not sure I recall ever seeing anything like it. Could only keep reading to like page 60 or so. heer was grimey for that late night he put you all through
  4. Shocked this is still going on. Way to keep the dream alive guys
  5. I had 3 afk. But of the 8 pulls only 6 were 100 plus. The other two were 93s
  6. I've stolen a few ideas from Kiss, Drifter, DrunkenTiger, and that French guy from Canada. I couldn't beat glitter plus until I saw kiss build. Mostly the build process more so than the build itself. ..which is technically part of the build I guess. Cuz does it really matter whether your build is good if you can't build it?
  7. I pulled a 137 from alchemical survival on medium while wearing the Omega Shenron on every 2nd odd numbered wave. Did this twice and pulled 6 100+s ......or did I........
  8. I guess that's the question. Which is worse? Killing an aspect of farming or beating the game at it's highest difficulties forever being impossible irregardless of skill or farming dedication?
  9. Wow. Dredd you want to run some insane+ Crystaline Dimensions? You're probably the only one who will ever be able to do it....or at least get past the first wave
  10. Kiss just stop. You're gonna mk somebody hurt themselves
  11. I would BUT....Final Fantasy 14 tho..... having a hard time pulling myself away from that game. My heads just gonna explode when GTA V drops. best of luck with this though
  12. Well the common theme seems to be moons. Whatever that's worth.
  13. Crazy I pulled a seahorse while wearing it holy crap
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