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  1. i played DD for about 400 hours, 70 of which were pre nightmare mode, just pointing that out before i go into what im about to. FIRST is this game still free to play, and if it is, can you buy in? there is a f2p game where you pay 30$ for everything they add into the game. that is about the only system if the game is still free to play, that i would see getting... i cant get into a free to play game because of how much nickle and dimeing goes on. now with that out of the way. have more forethought into the game. i stopped playing because the game just wasn't worth it for me any
  2. ok, i see your point there on gear. create a new character, and put them on nightmare hardcore sky city. no... lets just go easy and same thing, go there and try to win. i dont know how much the game changed in the last few months, as i barely load it up anymore, but if its still the same your towers are less about placing them effectively, and more about being a high enough quality of gear to break into nightmare, its almost impossible to get good enough gear to do it anymore. and going back to a lower level than what you are playing on makes it easier, and for most people, in
  3. i dont see this loot fix mod in the workshop, is it released yet or is it still being developed?
  4. can someone explain what level 90-93 adds to the game? i stopped actively playing a while ago, mostly due to frustration of doing the same levels over and over again, rarely getting anything worth looking at. what i want to know is did they cut off the rng they use for level 1-92 than once you hit 93 they put you in a different drop segment with myth-ultimate all requiring 93 but have far better stats? or is this just a new top tier loot category? also what are the exp requirements from 91-93? if i get back into the game, it will be a decideing factor on how this is handled, an
  5. i dont think its a complete drop of support right now, the rng, im assuming is so hard coded into the game that changing it would screw up the insane and lower gameplay which isn't broken.
  6. I'll pass this along to the team. give us an update if anything in this thread is going to or at least attempted to be implemented. after being told they wont change the rng at all, this is really all allot of players would come back to experiment with.
  7. /moving For future reference, threads deliberately posted in incorrect locations may be closed, but seeing as this is somewhat a good idea it will remain open ;) For those that think this is harsh, let me explain. The forum is split into categories for a reason. When the devs want to see what the community has suggested, they go straight to the suggestion forum. Posting it anywhere else will make it prone to being ignored/lost. I hope you understand. Question though; - what happens when I need to respec? I click the points 2 thousand times? well right now holding buttons varrie
  8. Since I was such a freaking jerk a while back, I am not supposed to post unless I am respectful and constructive. Ready.:) Reading through this thread and agreeing witht he complaints, something newish occured to me. Perhaps the main reason they can not 'fix' the broken RNG is that it is only broken in certain special instances, such as end game play. If they fix it for the end game, it would probablly then be broken for the rest of the game and cause even more problems. This may sound like a crazy solution, and I hope TE still reads this thread and is concerned about the problems it
  9. i thought that i would point this out. i quit playing about the same time as my last post in this thread, i just cant justify running maps constantly looking for good loot but never finding any. i mean sure, i found 2 supreme pieces that were exactly what i wanted, but after those... i found nothing, 1 ultimate, after which again nothing. all the while, i am finding transcendent that isnt better than myths i picked up during the first shards pack. rng is apparently broken, and i think i know what broke it, higher armor sets. its my theory, but i have mythic on right now that if it w
  10. there is one of two options 1 they openly talk about nerf or buffs because its clear what needs to be done. because this problem isn't clear, they go silent 2 they really don't think its a problem, but don't talk about it because a confirmation would make people stop playing till its fixed or a denial just makes them complain more. they really need a tool that would allow them to run maps at 100-200 times speed for checking these kinds of things.
  11. Srsly can u fix this game ?????That's why am i paying to have a good game not a crappy one :/ (no offence but it's fully bugged). BUG: The Genie King does not spawn anymore on BOSS RUSH challange on INSANE. hope u fix it anyone ever tell you that you can catch more flies with honey?
  12. The easiest way for Trendy to fix the loot issue would be to copy the loot code from the original Palantir map that was submitted to the Steam Workshop. Playing it on Insane gives plenty of Myths and playing it on NM gives plenty of Trans+ stuff. Plus it starts on wave 1 instead of 7, so it's actually possible to get a build setup and ready to go before the ogre spam hits. Trendy, an entrant in your level design contest did a better job than all of your team put together! Do something to fix your game! i never played it from the workshop so i dont know what the difficulty is, if its where
  13. now here me out... make new achievements for defeating the buffed bosses possibly, allow a minimum item quality also drop if you off the buffed boss
  14. i don't like saying this. but man the hell up. yea new enemies are a pain in the ***, but once you get gear to about 1000 ish stats, they become more manageable. i was a noob at the start of the shards maps, and only did 2 survival before djin came around, so i wasn't able to get the best of the gear... but after that, all my gear was gotten by me, basically solo... yea i got a bit of help, ill admit that, and i thank people for what gear i did get, it was trash gear to them, but great for me. i haven't seen a great mythical drop that can replace some of my gear, but good gear has dr
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