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  1. I know definitely that I had 5 seconds left. Hm, think it has been an error that will just happen once. @Dark Intent: good to know I'm not alone :)
  2. Hello! I was doing Shipwreck Mosterfest NM. Did it the first time solo, in wave 10 I had some trouble with a Sharken and an Ogre, so I had just 10 seconds left when I noticed that a mage stuck in a corner. I ran to him, killed him and had definitely 5 seconds left when the "Wave complete" note and sound came. Tought ok and just started to repair when suddleny the note came: run out of time. So game over... I never pay attention to the timer, but do I have to reach the build phase to stop it? Cause there are a few seconds between the notes Wave Complete and Build Phase.
  3. Kirro you're right. A reflection beam at SMF is a great help. But sometimes the harpoons have to deal with two Djinns at the same time and one or two fish-wyvern find their way over the beam. And sometimes they were buffed by the Djinns before. Although I think our tactic works great we have from time to time one or two golden Wyvern in our middle. I rather had two Ogres... :)
  4. A few days are gone since my original post. Meanwhile we can do Aquanos Insane (and NM) without problems. And yes, our layout has been the reason why we failed. I have no problem to admit that. But that will not change my opinion that it could not be right that a single enemy can oneshot the cristal or a player. For example SMF NM - my stats are far over 1k and my restists are between 85 and 90% - an exploding Zippy in my face doesn't matter... The club or poison balls of an Ogre are no prob. But I die when a fishwyvern hits me directly. All the more when they're buffed. Hm, for
  5. It's just that people want way more than its actually worth, quoted for a trans gear set of 4bil for 100 points per tower and only 150 lvls max. I don't have a problem spending that if it's good stuff, but this was pants for that price. Tokens are not a cost effective method of paying someone either :(. Agree! I've seen supreme / trans items with ridiculous stats for 600 mio mana, just because it's supreme / trans. Transcendent useless weapons 400 mio. Don't understand that, I would be ashamed to myself if I sell so overpriced items.
  6. Hello, I've noticed that on the Warping Core Maps and on Aquanos: My brother is the host and when we return to his tavern, everything is ok. But when he restarts the level directly, I always loose the connection to the host. Is it a bug or is it 'cause of my lousy internet connection?
  7. I like the defendersstore. It saves time looking in the shops to find a piece of armor i.e. When I find an online afk shop I look at the Steam profil where the seller is from, then I connect to the nearest server and hope to find the shop there. A little inconvenient but it works most of the time when the profil is not private. And yeah, sometimes the prices are ridiculous, I just don't buy there. Don't want to pay 50x vendor for a piece of mid-myth armor.
  8. Never been interested in PC Games execpt Magicka and GTA :), then my brother said I should buy DD so we can play together... ...that has been in December. Since that day we played nearly every day. Sometimes 8 hours, sometimes just a quick run for mana or a weapon. And although I'm moaning about some things - I love that game! Great work! :)
  9. After the last SMF NMHC run, I got two 400 Mio pets in my tavern, a Serpent and a Hamster. The Serpent had about +380 in hero damage and speed and +460 in health, but horrible neg stats at the tower stats. The Hamster the other way round. :) The third pet had been a crappy genie :)
  10. As I said before in another thread, Fish-Wyvern are horrible. They seem to onehit the crystal even on insane survival and altought I have between 85 and 90% resistance in NM, I can be happy when I survive an attack. I don't know why they're doing so much damage, thought they should be just normal wyvern with another skin...
  11. I don't think the sharken have ruined the game. Honestly, we have no uber stats and I have to say, the Djinns had been the bigger problem to deal with. But however, I've noticed too that Sharken sometimes ignore the gas traps and just play Tetris with the defense. That need to be fixed. And imho fish-wyvern are the new old DEW. :)
  12. @draemn: yeah, I know that there has been a fault in our build. The crystal could not be destroyed by nothing (I know the review not always shows what has happened). I'm not angry about the faults in our build, I'm angry about the fact that there has been no warning at all and that there was no chance to run to the crystal and kill the ??? Think it has been one of the wyvern that oneshotted the crystal. And yes, a warning is redundant when an enemy just need one shot... Hm, when a sharken attacked the crystal, there was a note. But serval times there has been none when a super dama
  13. Sorry, I hate to moan but: Aquanos survival insane: Wave 18, crystal destroyed by ??? Don't know, couldn't see anything at the review. And again - no warning at all. Just out of thin air. That makes me angry, it's one thing when I'm too slow to run to the crystal when the "under attack" note appears, but it's annoying when there's no note at all. That happened three times (that there has been no warning).
  14. Trendy, nerf the HP and damage of the fish-wyvern, please... They are horrible - one hit at the crystal (at Survival Insane!), game over. Shipwreck MF NM, Wave 11, everything works fine, until we were one shotted by a damn wyvern. They should have the same HP and damage as the normal wyvern, not the HP of an Ogre and the damage of 4 DEW.
  15. Thank you Jammerr, I totally agree!
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