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  1. i agree that these sharkens need a fix. They break walls random and their is not a working way to handle them.. and respective to the diablo3 release this should happen very very soon.
  2. Can u tell me the stats of ur monk and its weapon? I do 14000 Dam with my retri per single multi - shot hit. 2000 Hero Damage.
  3. Dont compare 6 player maps with 4player maps.. try it again with morago or summit.
  4. After new patch spiders spawn in Mystimire Forrest, they didnt before: bug? Talking about Pure Strategy.
  5. Since a few days i've the following problem: i host a game, all runs well. I regocnize: nobody can join. Checking the button after pressing escape: Don't show in Onlinegame After that i can press it as much as i want again, cant swap back to: Show in Onlinegame. That sucks, cos it has worked fine before. Can anybody help me?
  6. Hi! Im tried a few tactics on Oasis UMF but nothin worked well. I have the problem, that the time runs out before all creeps were killed, although im not slowing enemys or anything like that.. they just spawn too slow and come not fast enough to my towers to get killed. Where do you build? What do you use? I used a 2500 Dam, 2000Attackrate, 1000 Tower HP Squire Builder 2200 Tower HP Barricade Builder 2000 Tower dam /1800 Attackrate/1k Tower HP Traptress and a 1k all stats Monk. Creeps just chill everywhere on the map instead of running straight to me like in all other UMF's b
  7. How about removing spiders, same like djinns, from morago? (PS Mode only) They dont spawn in pure Strategy Mystimire Forrest - so why should they do in Morago? Quiet hard with them, after they get stuck everywhere on the map and just slow the game =/ best regards
  8. Sorry to hear that's happening. Can you guys do a quick verify of your cache files to make sure that's okay? Verifying Cache: 1: Open your steam library 2: Right click Dungeon Defenders (http://i.imgur.com/UyPCa.jpg) 3: Click properties (http://i.imgur.com/JvLz2.jpg) 4: Click local files (http://i.imgur.com/TO5wC.png) 5: Click verify integrity of game cache (http://i.imgur.com/IZDGD.png) Let me know if you're still having issues afterwards. done that+check games of error Runs again :)
  9. Games crash after i click on: play Dunno why. help pls :(
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