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  1. Note: there may of been confusion I am running it solo so does score = xp
  2. DPS are only ever used really when you need to kill a boss because it can't be done by towers alone, generally speaking is NM only and high waves
  3. An RPG is about grinding to get better gear thus progressing in the game :D No grinding is a 90s game design policy made to make a company get massive amounts of money ever from cash shop or paid subscriptions. It is dumb and pointless and makes game less fun overall. however being given uber items wares off real fast The best games reward the player for the spent time PLAYING This a superior design policy that the wider games industry is blind (due to ignorance and greed) Cough Dark Souls/torchlight 2 Cough both games can and are played by people the same amount of tim
  4. 1) wrong survival is about lasting as long as you can. Doing the campaign would set you up better for survival but should not be a requirement because player A might want to play the campaign first Player B might just wanna play survivals catering to a large player base is always good as long as your not dumbing down difficulty directly to do it (e.g. making the game a cake walk by decreasing stats unless the majority of players cant progress past a point) 2) no they don't the enemies are still the same strength, This attitude is so fail that because its named X it must be Y diffic
  5. your still wrong all that post equates to is I cant get it to drop so it must be hacked, wrong its rng being rng. Trendy have a very bad rng system. Not all Ult+ sets are hacked, Not all Ult+ Sets are legit get it, yet? unless you want to post drop tables from the DDDK all your doing is QQ tears
  6. cool i wasn't sure, cause the score raises by units and the xp lags behind. that is so much more helpful to know where to farm now
  7. this also kindof disproves the other thread about stat caps lol, yo mythical is better than yo ult
  8. If you make a game that has a survival mode, do not require the player to complete the normal map/boss. Reason to allow players to choose what they play and not restrict them that they may/or may not be able to do AND remove all build timers (its a pointless mechanic and hurts solo players) its pointless because A) player builds everything they need to pass the wave B) don't and fail This adds nothing to the game except failure
  9. You think PC is lazy with patches! Try going to console! They only got 4 patches out of the whole time the game was released! I think the speed of patches compared to them is quiet nice! :p the fact its the majority of those patches they don't have is a good thing lol being able to play the game pre app nerf would be AWESOME and dejin/sharken copters In summary Make new mobs optional because new mobs by definition changes the game mechanics (with better rewards for player with them) Don't nerf characters because someone can afk farm
  10. I never claimed they hacked the sets, I just said the chances of them having that many set is slim to none. The drop rate of ults is rediculous, the drop rate of ult+ is even more so. You can do the research if you want, I am just trying to save you the time. There is a chance they are legit, but there is a much higher chance that they are not. and so the course of action you want to take is ban everyone? Because there is no way to tell whats hacked or not if its got legit stats and not all maxed caped
  11. Never reached to one cap stats on my full ups ulti armor all I found. I have normal ulti amour got from misty, aq, cliffs that can reach stat caps, those are not the so called end game maps
  12. DD isn't a competitive game so my stance against cheating is "who cares ?" You don't have to play with cheaters, if a guy joins your game with too good to be true items, kick him. a guy that knows his stuff right there DD should of been like torchlight 2, a good RNG system to make it so players don't HAVE to hack to progress and hacking gear is worthless because USEFUL gear is easy to get. Players who hack effect nothing because I have an OPTION to play with them or TRADE, due to RNG being good. The only thing you can correctly whine about is a system like this prevents you from
  13. You wrong there are people with legit ult+ gear, they are not you so therefore don't have to follow your logic and most likely have access to high end waves, 25-30, with the last waves OF EVERY MAP droping the best gear, kings game is not the only map. also this is dumb and stupid i played a game called air rivals and that has drop rates of 0.0000008% and there are many people who got those items. Luck+time, some people are a lot luckier than you and normal ult gear is common on high survival waves. (I have quite a few just from nmhcmm misty/aq) and that's not even really considered e
  14. So lets see what your saying is because only some people (the ones you see, the ones not on forums) have the best items all must be hacked. hmm some maybe hacked BUT most are got from extremely high survival waves, e.g. ult is fairly common 25+ with the best being near the end. I can't say for ult+ cause i haven't done a run since that was introduced BUT there are harder/better maps than what I run so I don't see an issue with some people having the best. What i have an issue with is how to get a player from nothing to the best gear without help and trading. I agree, but it's not impossib
  15. People will argue over this forever, but the game is neither primarily a single player game or primarily a multiplayer game. It is equally both. So what Torchlight does, is it doesn't give a darn if people cheat or not? Can't beat em, join em? That's a game I'm not going to play then... I highly doubt they "gave" this to you, It's more likely that they simply didn't care and didn't do anything about cheaters when they could have. I've never understood the fun in this- What point is there in playing the game at all if you've unlocked everything and have all powers and can just breeze through
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