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  1. If we had the patch as long as ye I would have all 83 a long time ago You so speshul. *applauds*
  2. I don't get off work until 4pm EST, an hour after you stop. I sometimes get out earlier, if not hopefully I can make it next time.
  3. I have yet to use them post patch because they sucked so much prepatch.. so news to me. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. GT : TheDoideR I'm working that day so I hope I can make it. What are the hosting schedules?
  5. I think imp is now super useful. Ever realize how long it take to repair a high hit point blockade if yur not an apprentice? I have a bunch of imps one at 1100 heal. Takes 5 sec to heal like 6000 hp. And heals aura to full life with one shot. Still take awhile on traps though. But I always use imp now. Its great for when you dont have time to heal. They fixed the imp a bit in the patch?
  6. They work for everything, it's just that they only heal a very small amount for a large amount of mana. Also it doesn't repair multiple defenses, only one at a time.
  7. I find imps don't heal enough for the price it takes. For example if you have it repairing one of your traps it will cost 100 mana per charge. Been awhile since I've used one so I could be mistaken.
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  9. does anyone have moreDoes anyone care would be the more appropriate question. The answer? No. ;)
  10. hard isn't bad either, but insane sucks hard... And hard does naughty things to medium.
  11. I'm sure you can come up with a better thread title than that. Go for number 3, I heard it's a charm.
  12. "Hey everyone look at me, look at me."
  13. I have not tried the map yet buy I'd be willing to give it a go with you. I'll be on later tomorrow. GT : TheDoideR
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