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  1. I have Chi blast Elf of the wand Big moma Jr judge Sr judge Capt america shield Pakal Inner peace Lion heart T 26 Gunslinger Sodas addiction Krayt The mentor Laser robot Krayt jr Is there anything missing? (Except defender star)
  2. I don't really trust snyone anymore, except the people I know who doesn't trade
  3. I've been duped 8 times with a soda and 2 times with the elf those dupers are ruining the community How many times have you been duped?
  4. this is a good idea. ive done it with blade and it was good -sulapas28
  5. i didnt read the thread correctly. so my team members are xxbigbabboixx, PASAWAY29 and me sulapas28
  6. invite me... sulapas28 and if u can invte my friend and my bro PASAWAY29, xxbigbaboixx
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