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  1. yea it was the whole thing with the adding other holiday loot to the mix that killed the rate when all is said and done its now like a 1/10k drop chance ....for it to be good... thats like another 1/10k
  2. Ever feel the frustration of having to search around a stack of traps or anything that lay in close proximity to each other to upgrade/repair/sell the tower of desire? Getting tired of having to spam that gas trap or harpoon to 3 star before you can even upgrade the buff beam once? Fear not ...with your help ...and some time .. cycling target tower could very well be in an upcoming patch. No more will you have to scour the field to find that one spot to upgrade your electric aura as a simple press of a button or roll of the mouse wheel you'll cycle through available towers till your on the
  3. While you rinto it WAVE 28+ MISTY NMHCMM ....the loot ...its just awful 20 items 7 of which were mythic (this is solo but still) items were poofing with nothing else being dropped ...items that were dropping were equivalent to like wave 8 survival gear and it didnt get any better on as i progressed (if you want i could run this again and SS whats left at the end of the wave trendy) ((not each item just a minimap shot clear of towers and a view of the loot)) [QUOTE]I opened chests on Wave 23 of NM HC Misty, and found several Amazings and Epics. 2 Mythics. It sucks. [/QUOTE] nononono
  4. for everyone unclear this is talking about patch 7.32 tavern rolls not prior patches
  5. I wonder kandar are you ever going to fiddle with enrage auras inside elec auras? ...ofc theyd be far better if they worked on dijin as well >.> but they do work on sharken ...only real issue lay in DU cost
  6. Not bugged at all far as i know. They're perfectly playable.. They gave the "Beware of the birdfish" warnings from the digest. least i think that is where i saw it. They move at a slugs pace, hit like a truck. nothing wrong with it. Perhaps not damage wise but HP wise they are a tad absurd in mix mode
  7. definitely if ogre in front can be clipped with poon still while hitting sharken... but yea ...manual targeting commands ...please or at least this
  8. im pretty sure this has been stated somewhere in here but just to point out the obvious.... gas traps arent boosted in any OTHER way than activation range by buff beams.. and considering how dangerous sharken are ... I think tower damage should stop their charge ... even aoe damage should do someting
  9. actually the aqua campaign monk reward is > nos ....boxing glove is also > nos EDIT: [QUOTE] Try the halloween map to confirm that they still drop. I just did the halloween map and saw at least two ice swords in each of the later waves. [/QUOTE] uhm yea...the problem there is they meant for holiday weps and stuff to drop OUTSIDE event maps like that...like they have been with frosts before patch7.32
  10. hey there I usually play survival and Umfs and have noticed a disturbing trend I think starting with 7.31 but more prominent as in EVERY TIME on 7.32 all the tavern pets have 20-40 levels and are garbage after any amount of survival waves... ESPECIALLY wave 30 NMHC ... and UMF ones are the same.... its getting annoying Anyone else having this issue or am I having a streak of some seriously bad luck (P.S. its not just me its also several of my friends getting this cause personally I wouldn't be surprised if tavkeep was just trollin me) Edit: btw Jer basic logic here but could you buff lo
  11. the problem about making something else stop its charge... they usually come from every lane at the same time... and where the HELL are you going to get the DU? Enrage works rather well on them BUT enrage has a 93% cap and is fire element for a TON of DU with no ACTIVE damage to mobs... and with dijin enrages are moot cause they can just unsummon the dam thing if there isnt a gas in center.... which makes it TOTALLY USELESS .. or pretty dam close
  12. sorry to necro this thread but since 7.32 ive not seen ONE holiday drop (etherian holiday,halloween,or pres royal) PERIOD on any game ....wtf is up with that? also tavern rewards are garbage again... every pet is like 30 levels ...and the armor and weps are horrid
  13. the waves in survival nm atm already hit you with everything at once .... sharken in that everything at once destroy you ...oh and the wyverns too
  14. in addition to the DU change will they fix the west crystals invisible floor that ogres can walk on yet you cant build on
  15. btw Kandar I do hope you already know that other than activation range buff beaming dark and gas traps is useless (no boost to effective range, duration, or reset time)
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