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  1. Was hoping for an Assault Run before calling it quits tonight. Oh well, will have to wait until tomorrow :(
  2. Survival or challenge? Well done ... Still waiting for + or + +
  3. It's there a reference or link somewhere on the benefits and bonuses of all the different costumes?
  4. How are the rewards determined for a jester that completes the crystalline dimension?
  5. You can run it with AFK characters to get 4 coal with each run. I won't be able to beat the bosses with afk characters :(
  6. No... Thanks, but ouch, that means 87 more runs to go!
  7. Does coal also drop on the survival levels of ww?
  8. I've played several runs through wave 30 on sky city with my 90 level monk and only got a couple of Transcendents. I'm now leveling up a Jester (currently on level 75) and on sky city level 22 I've picked up 2 supremes and 1 Ultimate. Does the quality somehow depend on my hero or is this just luck?
  9. Is there a better chance at supreme and Ultimate drops from random awards after beating the boss on challenge maps such as Akatiti jungle?
  10. Thanks. Got a near perfect Kobold on my first run and nothing but rubbish since then.
  11. For Kobold farming, IHC is fine. Is this true of other familiars as well, such as the Rock and Skeleton?
  12. Thanks. hadn't tried a HC run yet - let's see how that goes.
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